Walks have so many benefits for both you and your canine friend that it should be done regularly if not daily. Irrespective of how big or small your pal is, you can and should go for walks. Walking is regarded as one of the main if of the best exercise to stay fit and healthy. It has so many benefits for your furry pal, which we will be looking into.

Benefits of Walking Your Dog

The benefits of going on walks with your Fido are aplenty. Here are reasons why you should go (if you haven’t yet) for walks with your furry pal.

#1. Keeps Weight under Check

Obesity has been a major health issue among dogs due to lack of walking. Pet parents who refrain from taking their buddies for walks generally face this problem. Walking helps to keep body weight under check and at the same time decreases the risks of your pal falling sick.

#2. Improves Joint Health

Lack of movement can lead to numerous joint problems such as arthritis. Hence, walking helps your pal in strengthening his joints which in turn leads to improvement in joint health. Though, we all know our buddy will succumb to joint pains in the future, walking helps to delay the inevitable.

#3. Enhances Mental Health

Your pal needs something to do, always. They tend to get bored very easily and continuously look for constructive things to do. The best thing you could give him is a nice evening walk which will help him in lowering his stress levels and boost his mental health.

#4. Strengthens Relationship

Taking your buddy for walks also strengthens your relationship and bond with him. You get some much needed alone time with him which helps you enhance your connection. There’s no better feeling than taking your canine for a walk and enjoying every step you take with him.

#5. Reduces Loneliness

Dogs tend to feel lonely and they need you to spend some time with them. What better way to reduce their loneliness than taking them for a lovely walk. Dogs love walking and they will be thrilled to go for one especially when they are in a lonely mood.

#6. Helps Release Energy

We all know the amount of energy our dog can possess. They have immense energy inside them and walking is the best way to release it. This is very helpful in younger dogs because walking helps to drain out their energy, keeps them healthy and forbids them from making a mess in your home (like chewing shoes and various other things).

Walking Tips

While taking your best friend (your pooch, obviously) for a walk, remember to keep these tips in mind.

  • Always keep your pal leashed.
  • Don’t forget to carry water and some tasty treats for him (especially if you plan on walking for more than 30 minutes).
  • Depending on the weather, take necessary precautions.
  • Make sure you walk your dog in safe areas. Avoid areas with too many potholes, garbage, and other debris.
  • A collar with a name tag (and preferably your address or contact number on the flip side) will come in handy in case your pal manages to unhook his leash.
  • If your pal wants to take a dump while walking on the road, encourage him to do so. This will help you in avoiding indoor potty mishaps.

Keeping these walking tips in mind and going for walks with your pal should be added to your daily agenda right away. It is as essential as anything and we know you really care for your pal and will take out time from your busy schedule to take him for walks. A walk a day keeps health problems away!