Summers, as everybody knows, are hot and humid. Though it means more time to go out and enjoy the sunny weather, at times it turns out to be a little tricky for your furry companion. Therefore, it is crucial to provide that extra edge caring for your dog during this season. Increasing temperature and scorching sun can cause number of issues in your furry pal. Conditions like dehydration and heat strokes can invariably result in organ failure in your furry pal.

To safeguard your furry pal from such unwanted and dangerous conditions, check on the following safety tips. These tips can help you in taking care of your furry companion to tackle the hot waves of summer.

Walk Your Dog Early Morning

During summers, days are hot typically in the afternoons. Avoid this hottest part of the day taking your dog on a walk. Because the hot pavement or asphalt can burn your dog’s paw and also dehydrate them. Walking early mornings or late evenings will not only help in controlling dehydration but also aid in preventing burning of your pet’s paws.

Never Leave Your Pet Alone In The Car

Normally, pet owners think that leaving a pet in a car for a few minutes during the hot day would do no harm. On the contrary, those few minutes can turn out to be the most dangerous part of your furry pal’s life. As per the studies, the temperature inside the car can reach up to 47 degrees in just an hour when the outside mercury reading is just 22 degrees. So, if you find a distressed dog alone in a car, please call emergency services ASAP. Also, ensure that you do not leave your pet unattended in a parked car.

Provide Access To Plenty Of Shade

If your dog mostly stays outdoor then before that hot season commences work on building a shade or place a kennel. Proper shade helps to protect your furry pal against extreme hot waves and scorching sun.

Keep Your Pet Indoors On Hot Days

At times, during summers the day becomes too hot raising the mercury point at the tremendous rate. On such hot and humid days, bring your pets inside. If you’re providing air-conditioning and fan, it would be much better for your dog.

Provide Clean Water All The Time

Dehydration is the major issue in pets during summers. Without proper access to clean drinking water, your dog may go without quenching his thirst for a long time, which can lead to dehydration condition. To prevent such a condition, provide extra water resources. Place a few more bowls in different places both outdoors and indoors, which will allow your pet to have easy access to fresh drinking water all the time. Also, ensure that the water is cool. If possible add few cubes of ice in water so that it can stay cool for little longer time.

Summers are always good to enjoy and brings with its multitude of activities to enjoy. But at the end of the day what matters is the health of your furry pal. Therefore, as the summer sets in, check for all the necessary amenities that can help in keeping your companion healthy.

Note: Increasing temperature means more fleas and ticks. So, vets always recommend keeping your pet on flea and tick prevention program.