Labradors remain the most popular and best dog breed in the world. There are numerous reasons to back that statement, which we will be looking into very shortly. They have an awesome personality and most importantly the biggest hearts anyone could ever have. Let us delve deeper into this and look at the reasons why Labradors are rated as the best dog breed.

#1. Labradors are Perfect Listeners

They are days when we humans just want to rant and require someone who would just listen. Well, Labradors are the perfect fit. They are great listeners and will listen to you ever so patiently because they love human company. They also allow you to express your action and will never ever judge you.

#2. Labradors are Great Cuddlers

Labradors are affectionate attention-seeking dogs who simply adore humans. They will curl up in your lap and use their nose to seek your attention by nuzzling up. After a rough day at the office, there is nothing better than cuddling with your cute faced Lab.

#3. Labradors Offer Comfort

Labs are intelligent and know when their pet owners are happy or sad. When you’re sad they will sit beside you with a sad look until you wear a smile on your face. They offer you a shoulder to cry upon and will share your pain. How adorable is that?

#4. Labradors Love Every One

Be it cats or your neighbours, Labradors will wag their furry tails whenever they meet someone new. They teach us an important lesson in life and that is to spread love as much as possible.

#5. Labradors Make Great Companions

Whether you are watching the television or reading a novel, your Labrador will always be there beside you. You will never be alone if you have a Lab. Their presence will give you comfort and relaxation will kick in.

#6. Labradors are Weirdly Funny

Ask a pet parent who has a Labrador and they will tell you how funny Labs can be. Their funny deeds such as trying to catch their tails, running around the house like a mad bull, sniffing their own farts, etc can give you a great laugh and act as a stress booster.

#7. Labradors are Loyal and Faithful

Labradors share their love with anyone and everyone but at the end of the day, they will want to walk back home with you. No matter how much love they have for others, they will always love you more. They will always be loyal and faithful to you, no matter what.

#8. Dogs are Cool but Labradors Rule

Any dog breed is really cool but having a Labrador is even cooler. They are constantly by your side and will obediently listen to your commands. They can be notorious at times but that’s forgivable because you love them so much. They are like therapy that is absolutely free.

There many more reasons why Labradors are the best dog breed but the above-mentioned eight are the main ones behind the “best breed” tag. Labradors are God’s greatest gift to mankind and we should take really good care of them. Long live the Labrador breed.