So, why cats love cat haters? Or to sound gentler, why do cats like to go to people who do not like them? The answer to this million dollar question lies in same old wisdom, which sees cat as a species different from dog.  Both are different in their behaviour and of course, both are born with different grey matter.

A story is often played about a resident cat, which in a room full of strangers goes to only one, who is ignoring her completely, out of many well-wishers.

The above account, many of you might have heard or read, has become over the years a helping cause for cat haters out there. Whenever this aspect of feline behavior got into discussion, it brings smile on the face of people who relates with the same man who impresses that resident cat. However, the underlying reason for this cat’s behaviour is what everyone fails to consider.

Understanding Cat World:  An Opinion

To put things into perspective, contrast the behaviour of a canine with a feline. Dogs, on one hand likes attention, love people who want to cuddle them. Cats, on the other hand, are complete opposite. They are self-conscious, does not mix easily with people, especially strangers.

This is where the crux of the matter lies. Most of us like to see the world with single lens only. We use the same method of impressing our feline friends, which we use for impressing our furry pals.  Cats, being sensitive species, do not like people who try to impress her by staring, clapping or any attention-grabbing behaviour. They sense these expressions as hostile, however in reality these same people are her true well-wishers. In place of these expressions, you can give cat some time to relax, let her understand your friendly vibes and then try to make a mild eye contact.

Now let us take the case of that man in the room who has become the poster boy of all non-cat lovers. The reason for that unusual behaviour, on part of cat lies in the basic principle of discarding hostilities and embracing peace and security. The individual out there does not seem to bother cat at all with his behaviour. His body language is completely neutral, showing no signs of hastiness and excitement towards cat, thus making him a natural candidate for cat’s company. The cat on her part senses no hostilities or any unusual behaviour from that gentleman and thus, happily agrees to be a reason for the smile on the face of that man.

Final Comment

The behavior of a cat has been a case study for many enthusiastic animal lovers. The staring of her eyes, bending her neck a little bit, when entering into territorial disputes with her other feline sisters have become a hallmark of her personality. Many cat owners would agree to the fact that this unusual and conscious behavior of a cat has lot to do with their adopting a kitty as their pet. Maybe the behavior of their cat resembles their own personality traits to an extent!

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