A dog’s health is often marred by his enemies in the form of fleas, ticks, worms, heartworms, etc. If fleas bring discomfort to his healthy life, then a disease like heartworm poses a threat to his existence. And, not to mention the period of stress a pet parent undergoes because of his pet’s suffering is unexplainable.

Parasitic infestation in dogs, internal or external is a big cause of worry for the pet parents out there. They do aware of the fact that it will not take much time to aggravate a particular health disorder in the pet, if not treated on time. The instances of pets bitten by flea parasites, and then having serious skin disorders, in the form of Flea Allergy Dermatitis adds weight to this notion.

Similarly, protecting your pet against all kind of worms becomes mandatory, due to the level of threat a worm in the heart or in intestine of a pet carries. There are ways to protect your pet not only from flea menace and heartworm infection but also from major parasitic infestations.

A major dilemma, which a pet owner faces when he seeks to buy products for his pet is the plethora of pet care products offered to him for his pet care. The lack of objectivity, on part of these products, makes the situation more complex and confusing for a pet parent. A product like Advocate, which is effective in eliminating all major parasites – fleas, heartworms, etc. thus, comes in the picture.

Advocate- Specifications

A spot-on monthly treatment, manufactured by Bayer, Advocate protects your dog against fleas, lice, ear mites, gastrointestinal worms, heartworms, etc. Its unique action formula provides fast relief to a pet, infested by fleas and lice. With single application, it kills fleas present on a pet’s body in a very short span of time. It also prevents further flea infestation, protecting your pet for complete one month from fleas.

The presence of active ingredients like Imidacloprid and Moxidectin makes it an all-rounder in protecting a dog from internal and external parasitic threats. Putting your dog under the monthly protection of Advocate would ensure his safety from heartworm and other gastrointestinal worms including roundworm, whipworm and hookworm.

Do measure your dog’s weight to buy the right Advocate pack for your pooch. Consult your vet for any other queries related to the product.

As a pet parent, your area of concern should not be limited just to getting the right flea or heartworm treatment. Observe your pet’s dwellings, habits, and check the development of fleas taking place in your home environment. Make it a routine affair to clean your house- indoor and outdoor once a week. Do not forget your pet’s heartworm medications and put your pet under regular vet consultation.

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