Cleaning your dog’s ears seems to be a daunting task? Well, dog’s ears are very sensitive and you need to be meticulous while cleaning them. One wrong move and you may hurt him. But, avoiding cleaning their ears on a regular basis can be gnarlier as it can cause all sort of problems and infections. The ear infection in dogs is most common problem but sometimes the infection won’t go away on its own. Therefore, with this thing in mind it is a good idea for every pet parent to know how to clean your dog’s ears.

Make it positive

Cleaning dog’s ears can be troublesome for you and your pet. Your squirmy pooch can make the ear cleaning process a lot more difficult. So, it is crucial to associate ear-cleaning with some positive aspect to make your pet feel less stressed about it. You can go with this one tried and tested method of keeping a bag of treats ready which you can offer each time that your dog cooperates during the process.

Pluck the hair before cleaning

There are many dog breeds with long hair growing inside their ears. The grown hairs can make ear-cleaning process arduous for the pet parent. So, all you need to do is pluck the hair to make the way clear in order to clean the canal. Tweezers are good to have on hand if your pup has more hair in the ears. But, if your pooch cannot even spend a few seconds without moving then it’s best to pluck manually one hair at a time.

Choose the right ear cleaner

We may have seen pet parents cleaning their dog’s ear with water. Well, that’s not a right option ever. The water which you assume to clean your pooch’s ear can freely travel down the ear canal where it’s likely to stay and create a suitable environment for various parasites. So, instead of using water it’s beneficial to use these best ear cleaners such as  Epi-Otic, Illium Ear Drops, Kleo Ear Cleaner and Paw Gentle Ear Cleaner. The better the ear cleaner, the less frequently you have to use it for your Fido.

Use cotton balls

You can use a cotton ball or a cotton pad wrapped around your index finger and to gently wipe the visible part of your dog’s ear canal and outer ear. You may put your finger in the ear canal as far as it goes without forcing it. If the ear still seems dirty you can repeat the process.

Calm your dog down

Above all, the most important thing is to calm your dog down. Make sure to pat his back or give a rub or offer a treat after you finish this ear cleaning process. Always consider offering a treat or reward and plenty of praise to your pup to calm him down.

Moreover, ensure to clean your dog’s ears regularly by considering those steps gently. Do not let dirt accumulate in your dog’s ears and protect him from ear infection.