It is amazing how much love and laughter dogs can bring into our life. And we’re blissful to have different types of dogs that possess different characteristics so that we can find different ways to love them. Inarguably, all dogs are adorable but there’s something really different and attractive about mixed-breed dogs. It’s like an amalgamation of two breeds which can be seen in a mixed-breed dog. Whether a pet parent or not, firstly, it is imperative to know what mixed-breed actually means. Mixed-breed refers to any breed subjacent from two or more different breeds. However, ensure to adopt mixed-breed dogs rather than buying them. Pet parents should adopt a mixed-breed dog born without any human intervention or selection.

The Bulldog And Shar-Pei Mix (Bull Pei)

This is typically a fairly placid animal who loves to spend time with family. Temperament, confidence and intelligence are what you can clearly find in Bull Peis. This Bull Pei already seems to be curious and confident.


Siberian Husky And Pit Mixed..Look At The Eyes! (Pitsky)

Guy on the train said this was a Siberian Pit mix, named Ice from aww

If you love Siberian Huskies and Pit Bulls then this mixed breed is a perfect choice for you. Pitskies are a great choice for an active person as they are athletic, smart, playful, affectionate as well as stubborn in nature. His straight face with enticing eyes is quite adorable.

Husky And Chow…Just Wow! (Chusky or Chowski)

If you prefer to have not so active dogs then, Chowski is the right pick. The Chusky can be laid back, loving and protective of people, very intelligent and loyal. Chowski makes a great combination of serious-minded and fun-loving Fido. And can also be good-looking, I mean just see this handsome husky

The Border Collies And Samoyed Mix (Colliyed or Samollies)

Pet parents need to be prepared to handle the independent, stubborn, child-friendly and willing to please personality of a Border Collie and Samoyed mix breed.

Chocolate Lab And Corgi Mix (Corgidor)

The Corgi and Lab mix personality of dogs are energetic, loving, loyal and affectionate. This mix breed dog can make a best friend and life companion.

The ChiPoo

The cute Chipoos are known for their fun-loving, playful, friendly and sweet personalities. They can be independent and bossy. Have a glance at this cute Chihuahua poodle giving a dominant look.