Celebrated on 26th January, Australia Day is the official national day of Australia. The meaning and significance of Australia Day have evolved over time. Australia Day is about celebrating the things we love about our country. The present celebrations of Australia reflect its culture, diverse society, landscapes, and above all, the day is about honouring and acknowledging the contribution that every Australian to our dynamic nation. And we talk about being an Aussie, it is mandatory to mention the relationship that we hold with our pets.

Pets are an integral part of Australian culture. Therefore, it is vital to include our pets in the festivities. However, it is crucial to take care of your pet in the midst of all the celebrations. So, to have a safe Australia Day with your pet here’s a list of safety tips to consider for your pets.


Beware of the BBQ

BBQ is all fun to cook; it’s an officially declared dish for celebrations. Preparing BBQ requires many ingredients such as salt, onion, garlic and other stuff which can be toxic for your pet. Moreover, the fire, the rods and everything you use for making BBQ can be dangerous for your dog if you don’t pay heed. Ensure to not leave your pooch alone near the BBQ and be extremely meticulous even while playing or having fun with them when you’re BBQing.


Watch the doors

Celebrations include family, friends, and guests. But in serving all the hospitality to the guests do not forget your furry buddy’s comfort. There will be plenty of openings and closing of doors and gates when our friends and family come for the festivity. And anyone can just open the door without noticing that your pet is around, which can harm your dog. Moreover, the constant sound of doors can make your furry pal anxious. Therefore, instruct the guests to carefully open the doors without creating a hush.


Dress them but don’t suffocate

Dressing up your pet becomes a fun task especially on Australia Day. Of course, it is a good idea to dress up your pet but it is vital to know your pet’s comfort level. There are many dogs who like to dress up while others don‘t like it and get stressed. So, ensure that you dress your pet by considering his comfort and willingness. Moreover, avoid using paints or glitter on your pup’s face as it might irritate them.


Check what’s your pet eating

It can be a great time for your pet to get indulged in delicacies. But ensure that your dog only eats the treat that you provide them. There a variety of human dishes which you have made on Australia day, but that food that is tasty for us can be toxic for our pets. Hence, it is imperative to pay heed on what your pet is eating.


Ensure the Identification Tags

All your fun time can turn into a disaster if your pooch manages to sneak out and goes missing. The situation is critical if there are no proper identification details attached to your pet’s tag. So, make sure to have an ID attached with a collar and update the information in the microchip as well. This can help cops to identify your pet if he goes missing.

Above all, amidst all the fun and celebration of Australia Day, do not forget to keep your pet hydrated.

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