A fluffy, cute kitty unquestionably becomes a part of your heart, if you are longing to have one to adore. With that bright-eyed feline in your home, it is a never-ending fun with a potential to melt your heart. It’s a great joy when there comes to caring for a new kitten than simply loving one.

If you are keen to bring that pinky cute kitty to your home, you need to be ready with your energy bars and be prepared to give every pound of yours to tackle that overwhelming energy.  Here are pet expert tips to cater to the needs of your new kitten and provide care for a lifetime of health and happiness.

Things to acquire for a new kitty

  • Shallow food and water dishes
  • Bedding
  • A small travel cat basket for safe, cozy transport
  • Toys
  • Kitten Food
  • A litter box and litter for each floor of your house (a shallow one is best for those little legs)
  • Grooming tools (shampoos, conditioners, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush or comb)
  • Scratching posts

The list may seem too lengthy and you may be confused to figure out a few more products required according to your kitten. However, with these products you can cater to the basic needs of your kitty and as per her future requirements, you can purchase the products.

Ultimate Care For Your New Kitten

A growing kitten has to be prepared for the lifetime of afternoon siestas. Remember to provide several snooze-friendly places which only the kitten has access such as window shelf, cat tree or her crate.

Kittens are normally a great powerhouse of energy when it comes to play. Therefore, ensure that your new kitten has access to only safe toys and play with these toys throughout the day. It is not surprising to know that how much your kitty loves to play but it’s necessary that your growing kitty needs to play for the healthy physical as well as mental development.

 A New Beginning

When bringing in a new kitten, it is essential to schedule a health checkup with a vet within a few weeks. Caring for your kitty is made easier with basic training, preventive care supplies, and scheduling vaccinations, and a spay or neuter procedure. Getting a microchip along with collar can protect your kitty from any unwary accidents. Well, treating regularly with parasitic treatment helps for the healthy development of your kitty.

So, let your love and happiness quadruples with the addition of a new kitten.

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