This holiday season and time to share love and joy not only with your human companions but also with your four-pawed family. Pet parents plan to treat their furry pals with special gifts (something extraordinary). People are looking forward to find some innovative ways that include their pets in holiday celebrations and this time it is something different.

According to our survey, people are looking forward to giveaway quality items to their pets, something that would be more beneficial for their pet’s health apart from providing them fun. To help pet owners make the right choice along with gaining those extra whooshing discounts, Discount Pet Came team has come up with some great pet gift ideas.

Looking for a Pet Gift Idea This Holiday Season?

Quality Dog Toys and Treats

Dazzling toys, nutritional treats and a lot of other dog and cat toys and chews are available on the market this holiday season. So, it may be quite confusing about what to buy for your furry pal as the option is limitless. However, it is important to find the options that are both safe and durable. Pet parents at Warners Bay and Brisbane are big fan of Eukanuba treats and have had found them to be healthier.

A pet behavioural expert at Discount Pet Care advisory committee states that toys are crucial for both physical and mental health of pets, and Kong toys are the best. They are not only engaging and interactive, but also improve agility in pets. Some of the Kong toys like Kong classic chew dog toy and Kong wobbler treat dispensing dog toy improves dental health also.

Flea and Tick Collars

Often flea and tick collars can be a perfect gift for the holiday season. Not only for your furry pal but also if you are wondering about a gift to your friend/relative’s furry pal. A flea and tick collar is a perfect option. These are least expensive as well as highly useful. Holiday season in Australia means its summertime and warmer climate is directly proportional to the heavy flea and tick population in the environment. A flea collar will adorn your pet’s neck and equally protects him from fleas and ticks.

Pet Food – Dog Food/ Cat Food

Of course, pet food is the first item that your pet loves unreasonably. And to celebrate this holiday season filling his food pantry with delicious, savoury stews of different flavours like chicken, fish, veggie, rice, liver is something extraordinary. At Discount Pet Care, you can browse through a large aisle of food items to select and gain the holiday season extra discount.

Discount Pet Care Gift Giveaway

Holiday season is greatly associated with fun, joy and giving away gifts. And to make this holiday season memorial, at Discount Pet Care, we are offering free doses gifts with some of the exclusive pet products. For our love to animals and making their health care affordable, we are offering a grant holiday season sale. Browse through our online pet store and don’t forget to garb those gifts of free doses on branded flea and tick preventives and many others.

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