Crazy about Christmas and looking for a gift for your furry pal? To catch the zest of the festival fever, here we have bundle up top seven creative Christmas gift items that can help your pet feel privileged this festive season.

Warm Dog Beds

For winter nights, self-warming dog bed is an ideal gift. It radiates a dog body heat back to its body and is a great relief for older dogs as well as for those dogs who are suffering from arthritis or joint pain.

Drink Well Pet Fountain

It is a trendy gift this Christmas. Most dogs and cats prefer flowing water compared to still water. It keeps them well-hydrated and protects them against dehydration problem. These fountains remove impurities and off-flavors.

De-shedding tool

De-shedding tool comes in different sizes and shapes for both dogs and cats. It is a perfect gift for a pet, especially during the fall season when shedding is too high.

Kiltix Tick Collar

It is an ideal gift to protect your dog from any infestation. Though in winter, ticks are less, they might be picked up by going on holidays or visiting any warm region. Sometimes, in the warmth of your house, your dog may get infested. This tick collar makes it handy to control parasites.

Automatic Rotating Laser Toy

Automatic rotating laser light is something unusual and offers fun for couple of hours to your pooches and kitties. Place a DART on the floor, turn it on and see the race begin. Varied speeds and time settings offer 16 exciting play combinations.

Grooming Kit

For Christmas, grooming kit is one of the best gifts. It is fit for all kinds of pets. Regular cleaning keeps your pet clean and healthy. It helps control various skin related issues like matted hair, bad odor and dull coat. An ideal grooming kit contains a pair of clippers, combs, brushes, nail cutter and other tools.

Large Automatic Pet Feeder

This pet feeder can make a perfect luncheon for your pets. This automatic pet feeder makes pet feeding convenient, easy and tension free.

Pet Supplies

Get a bumper pack of major pet supplies that may include supplements, flea and tick treatments products, heartwormers and joint care products. Getting this make it a point to keep your fur friend healthy free from diseases.

Well, these are some of the top gifts that you can depend on to make your furry pall happy and Christmas a special celebration.

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