Dog shedding can be a big problem in your home, when pet tend to shed lots of hair, especially during the spring season. However, a shedding dog can really add up untold extra work. So, let’s go through some of the tips to reduce the volume of fur shed by your dog as well as some steps to deal with your furry pal’s hair on the floor, furniture and clothes as follows:

Brush Your Pet:

You need to brush your pooch regularly on daily basis. It will help to remove the loosed hair which often tend to fall all over your house, furniture and on your clothes. Brushing can be the best method to keep your home free of hair. This will also help to keep your dog’s coat clean, soft and less likely to shed.

Appropriate Diet:

It is really substantial to feed an appropriate diet to your pet. Your dog’s coat health is often a reflection of what they eat. Make a point to feed a high quality and branded food with good digestible protein sources such as : Royal Canin Canine Skin Support. This food is formulated for dogs that are facing hair loss, ichthyosis, skin wounds, flea bite dermatitis etc. It consists of five targeted nutrients encompassing EPA, DHA and essential fatty acids to improve skin health.

Control Allergies And Fleas:

You should always protect your dog from the various types of pests like fleas, ticks, mosquitoes etc. Because this will add to shedding. You can give him preventatives like Frontline Plus, Advantage or Bravecto. This will help to protect your pooch from all types of pests and even prevent from allergies like itching, scratching etc. Protecting your furry pal from parasitic infestations also support in lowering the cause of shedding.

Bathe Your Dog At Regular Intervals:

You need to give bath to your dog once a week with shampoo. Do not use very hot or cold water when giving a bath, the extreme temperature may harm the pet’s coat. You can use a special de-shedding shampoo or natural shampoo for your pooch. A dog kept clean will always have healthier and shinier coat.

Frequent Vacuuming:

This is one of the best ways to cut down the hair buildup. You can even sweep up loose hair from the floor, use a damp sponge to pick the loose dog hair attached to the upholstered furniture, use a washable sticky roller to lift the dog hair from the fabrics and upholstery. Make sure that you change the furnace and air conditioner filters more often during shedding season to prevent blockage.

Regular Checkups:

It is crucial that you take your furry pal for regular checkups. There are many diseases which can effect the skin and hair coat problem, so you need to visit the veterinarian, as it will help to analyze issue and provide more effective treatment.

The above steps will surely help you to reduce shedding in dogs as well as to manage the shedded hair around the home including furniture and clothing.

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