Numerous incidences have proven that pet lovers have become cat owners by accident. Some of them to pick are – a cat may come and starts living in your yard and then entering your home or you may find a stray cat licking your leg or circling around you encouraging you to take her home. So, the question arises – do you choose the cat or the cat chooses you?

Let’s peep into to discover more.

Cats are not as bounded as dogs are. They take the complete liberty to go and come as they please apart from retaining their natural wild instincts. Unlike pack animals, they love to have their own resource to help themselves and survive. Moreover, they can easily fend for themselves for longer period without human assistance.

However, despite being nongregarious, they are sociable and love to stick to humans if they found the great bonding.

Cats have wide territories and if they find things lacking at home such as irregular feeding, crowded or too noisy place, they may tend to look for new places to find suitable surrounding as per their likings.

A study shows that women are highly inclined to interact with cats more frequently so cats are more likely to approach and bond with females than males.

In case you are lucky that a cat adopted you – Follow These Rituals:

  • Before a cat adopts you or you adopt a cat, ensure to undertake a complete health-check that includes vaccinations, neutering and flea, tick and worm treatments. Considering to take the cat to your local vet to check for the presence of microchip is the best practice. If they are microchipped, let the local charities and vets know.
  • In case the cat is missing, consider of putting up a notice locally. In a state law, cat is regarded as the property of the owner and the theft of the same is offensive, as in the case of theft of any property. A cat that is lost or strayed is viewed as the property of the original owner, so it’s crucial to set about all reasonable activities to locate the original owner whenever possible.
  • If you are already a cat owner, keep in mind that cats have that innate envious quality and are territorial. Therefore, a new addition may not be welcomed.
  • If you are too eager to bring that strayed or lost cat, ensure that you already have set aside a separate food and water bowl along with cat litter box for each cat.
  • If you are keen not to be adopted by a cat, it is better to contact the local charity or animal shelter for rehoming the cat.
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