What Is A Paleo Lifestyle For Dogs?

The Paleo lifestyle for dogs involves training and exercising. This lifestyle involves avoiding unnecessary and inappropriate vaccinations and medications, protection against environmental toxins, and perhaps most important of all, reducing stress. Canines are known as natural athletes, so they need to express their athleticism daily. The dogs need to work on their every muscle by jumping, running and sprinting on a regular basis.

How Paleo Diet Is Useful For Your Pet?

The owners who feed their animals raw diet believe that it enhances immune function, improves skin and coat condition. It develops overall health and vitality and alleviates chronic digestive issues etc. The transition from ancestral diet of animals to the present commercial diet has lead to raising a number of diseases in them such as skin issues, diabetes, pet allergies, arthritis, anxiety, cancer and obesity. Taking your pet to a vet that shows helps know what feed your pets, in a way that best suits their needs.

Why Feed Your Dog A Paleo Diet?

There are veterinarians who are against the diet which is home made for your pet. The vets say that the pets become sick because of the improper homemade diet. Feeding your pet with only raw and meaty bones can cause a serious health problem in your dog as a substitute. You can feed your dog with raw meat but they must also receive supplements that provide all the nutrients, including vitamins, healthy fats, enzymes, amino acid, calcium and other mineral and nutrients. The benefits you get, if you follow a paleo diet in a right way are:

Prevention Of Periodontal Diseases:

The dog fed by the raw meaty bones which are grounded into a proper size for your dog can work like a natural toothbrush; scraping, massaging, scrubbing and even flossing the teeth. The paleo dog diet will reduce the plaque deposits.

Helps In Good Digestion:

As you serve food to the dog he starts eating with the help of his jaws and teeth on the raw meat. As the food is raw, he takes time to eat. In this process, more gastric juices are secreted; so the food will be digested properly.

Improves Skin And Coat Health:

As your pet starts consuming a good diet, you will find a difference in his skin. You will find shinier, healthier skin and coat. The canine will start healing from his hot spots and get free from the bad odor and even stops dandruff production.

Easily Fight With Allergies:

The dry food which we give to canines is preheated at high temperature and because of this process the proteins get distorts and more likely to produce allergies or intolerances in your dog. Raw meat becomes the normal protein as it is more digestible, which is better tolerated by pet’s immune systems. This helps him to fight against the allergies easily.

Canines should eat a diet which is high in fats and proteins and very low in carbohydrates. Give your best to set up and maintain a constant routine at home. Do some activities with them so that they feel less stressed. Spend quality time with your pets for balancing their mental, physical and emotional health.

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