As a loving dog owner, we love our pet and provide him with shelter, good quality of food, water and vet care. But did you know, that environmental enrichment is also important to integrate into your dogs’ lives. It plays a vital role to increase his happiness. It also helps to improve the human and animal bond, reduce the risk of unwanted behaviors and quality of your dogs’ lives.

Here are six interesting ways which will help you enrich your furry pal’s life.

New Stuff:

Offer some new kind of stuff to your dog to have a new experience. This does not mean that you need to purchase new things and spend money. You can just offer them something out of their normal or regular experience such as cardboard box, interactive dog toy or any flavored food.

Turn Up Dial On The Exercise Meter:

Take your dog for a walk on regular basis. You can even take your dog for a short outing in addition to those daily walks. Look for a place where your dog can enjoy and run off-leash. This will give him some new enjoyable experience.

Fight Boredom:

Keep your dog busy so that he doesn’t feel bored. You can give him mental exercise with mind-engaging activities such as playing hide and seek or puzzle toys loaded with treats, etc.

Visual Signals:

When you’re training your dog on new command, use your hand signals along with verbal. This will make him figure out what you are saying and finally, he will begin to understand you.

Playing With Other Dogs:

For a new experience, you can take your dog to play in a park. Most dogs love to play with other dogs. So, plan out the dates for your pooch to take him to the park, such as once a week or twice in a month.

Play Music:

You can enrich your dog’s life by playing different types of music for him. You can make his favorite playlist and play it during the day or when you are out of the house. If you don’t have any idea, what kind of songs your doggy would love to listen, then you can try some jazz, classical or any of the albums, which are specially made for dogs. Make sure not to play the music too loud.

Hope you found the above ways interesting and easy to enrich your furry pal’s life. So, start integrating the environmental enrichment to opt healthy and happy life for your dog.

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