Arthritis is a painful problem in dogs that hamper the quality of their life and they tend to struggle hard to put each step forward. It makes their life miserable and a completely unending sad story. Dogs dealing with arthritis also become mentally disturbed which often comes out as aggression if someone tries to touch them. So, the ailment not only physically affects dogs, it transforms their behavior as well. The main cause of this ailment in dogs is mostly age. As the dogs grow old, their knees and other joints start degenerating due to the prolonged wear and tear of the cartilage or the connective tissues surrounding the joints that support its overall movement. However, in some cases, improper nutrition and hip dysplasia also come out as the culprit. Apart from this, obesity is also another factor that leads to inflammation of the joints. This is so because joints have to bear extra pressure to support the body’s movement. Hence the issue.

So what can we do to help this poor soul dealing with so much pain? Here are some of the ways you can make his life better and liveable.

10 Ways You Can Help an Arthritic Dog

  1. Obesity makes the condition worse for an Arthritic dog, thus the foremost thing to improve his condition is to remove this extra strain from his joints. Feed him the right quantity of high-quality omega 3 fatty acid rich food. Do not overfeed him anything and consult a vet to prepare a diet plan for him according to his lifestyle. Do away with treats which have empty calories and just add pounds to his body.
  2. A mild exercise incorporated in his daily routine will help him burn those extra calories and will keep his weight under check. Take him out for regular walks. Run and play with him but do it carefully. It shouldn’t be for a longer duration as it can affect the joints adversely. In more severe cases, it would be better if you take professional advice to deal with his issue as to how or what you can do to help your afflicted Fido.
  3. Provide comfortable bedding. We often miss this factor but the bed is something where the tired and weathered joints of the body rest. A soft and comfortable bed releases pressure from the joints, supports the spine and thus has to be of high-quality so the painful arthritic joints get time to heal and relax.
  4. Massage has been known to improve blood circulation in the body and joints. It heals pain, relieves soreness from the joints, increases the flexibility of the body and thus must be incorporated into your pet’s regimen. You can simply enroll him for the therapy sessions to improve his condition.
  5. Go for supplements. Joints supplements contain glucosamine and chondroitin that make main components of the cartilage and are thus extremely helpful in the regeneration of joints. When given from a very early age in dogs, these supplements can prove highly beneficial in decreasing the chances of development of arthritis in canines.
  6. Acupuncture is another technique used by the professionals to heal the soaring joints in dogs. Make the best use of it to improve the quality of his life.
  7. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are also very beneficial for treating joint inflammation.
  8. In severe cases of arthritis, a dog may require surgery. Knee replacement surgery or hip-replacement surgeries are the most common ones recommended by the vet.
  9. Besides all this, it is important to bring some changes in the place where your arthritic pet lives. Arthritic dogs struggle to climb stairs thus you can amp up the stairs with a ramp which can help him slide easily. You can also put a ramp for him to climb up the bed or to get into the car.
  10. Spend quality time with him to give him mental support. Dogs love their owners and on time when they need their owners the most, we should be available for them as they remain available to us in our thick and thins. Pat him gently and spend long hours interacting with him to keep him distracted from his agony. This is the best you can gift to your dog in his hard time. Love can heal anything so just be there for him.
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