Whoohoo! The King of Good times may be evading the public at every stage but spending a good time shopping for your favorite products during one of the most popular shopping festivals ever organized- Black Friday will certainly remain an irresistible option till the end of time. Black Friday refers to the gala shopping festival which is a huge rage in the glorious country of Australia with shopping enthusiasts from all over the country actively involved in scouting the most lucrative offers on show. Celebrities despite all their riches and glamour find it impossible to resist the lure of enjoying some of the best deals ever for their beloved pets which a platform like Black Friday guarantees. With the Black Friday all set to take place on a large scale this year; let’s take a close look at 5 pet products which celebrities will certainly invest in:

  • Chris Hemsworth:

The Ozzie superstar known for his portrayal of demigod Thor in popular series-Avengers is certainly a major dog lover as evident from this amazing image with his adopted puppy. Hemsworth will be looking to purchase a reliable flea and tick preventative like Bravecto during the Black Friday this season because it is easy to administer, palatable and also provides long-term protection.

  • Hugh Jackman:

The “Wolverine” of Hollywood enjoys a very loving attitude towards his adorable dog Dali with the companionship shared by them certainly evident in this beautiful image. Jackman who is currently battling cancer will be eager to protect his beloved furry munchkin at any cost by investing in Nexgard, the soft flavored chew providing long-term protection against the menace of fleas and ticks. Nexgard has also proved to be extremely effective in nature against the menace of paralysis ticks, brown dog ticks, and bush ticks.

  • Miranda Kerr:

The popular Australian model may enjoy the love and affection of millions all around the world because of her beauty and grace but she only has eyes for her beloved Fido Teddy who is extremely cute and handsome himself. Kerr’s keen gaze towards her dog indicates that she will go to any extent to ensure complete protection for him from any adversities. It would be certainly shrewd to invest in Heartgard Plus, the beef flavored chewables which are hailed by one and all for ensuring proper, concrete protection against the menace of roundworms, hookworms, parasitic infections after a single monthly dose. The life of a model can be quite hectic in nature and Heartgard Plus could prove to be a coup for her this Black Friday.

  • Liam Hemsworth:

Hemsworth, the brother of Avengers star Chris Hemsworth is no less of a dog lover himself and has been quite active on social media platform Instagram where he regularly uploads images of his two rescued dogs Tani and big labradoodle Dora, describing the two Fido’s as his “true loves”. Liam who has starred in thrillers like Hunger Games knows what it is like to lead the life of one surrounded by perils and threats as portrayed in the movie and would certainly look to invest in Frontline Plus, the quality flea and tick treatment which needs to be administered simply of a monthly basis and is quite safe even for lactating and pregnant bitches.

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