Pet parenting is a tough task at one end and the most enjoyable experience on the other hand.

Cuddles or pawddles

          Puskies or whiskies

                  Fanatic or franticOne

                              One is blessed handsomely having a cat as a pet.

Cats are fantastic creatures on earth and make the best partners. Being a cat owner is a privilege that can be enjoyed abundantly. However, at times cat owners may tend to make some mistakes that can directly or indirectly hurt their cats. If you are a cat owner then here are the three things that you need to always keep in mind for a healthy cat parenting.

Punishing a Cat – ALWAYS NO _ NO

The fur balls are quite sensitive, and too harsh behavior will never work out. Shouting at him, hurting him, smacking him, scaring him or directing that scathing look can turn out to be the fastest reasons that can downgrade your relationship with your kitty. Punishment is not the right way to change your cat’s behavior. Contrarily, you are developing negative impression of yourself where you will be remembered as a terrible being from whom she should always stay away. This simply means that you can shape your kitty’s behavior simply by sharing treats and praises. This works as a perfect health tip. How? Well, cats undergo lot of health issues if they are stressed. Cats are peaceful beings and they love to be in predictable environment and surrounded by people who let them to be cats. A happy cat will stay healthy as well as keep you healthy.

Open Spaces – Too Much Free Space for Roaming – ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

Normally, many vets and animals experts think that cats should be kept indoors. On the other hand, this statement totally opposes the cat’s nature. Cats come from wild and belongs to tiger and lion family. They love to move around freely in open spaces without any bonding and enjoy their freedom. However, their lives are put to danger due to this nature of theirs. Many times they become prey of dogs, and coyotes intentionally or accidently. Unfortunately, moving outdoors they may get poisoned or get hit by cars. Thus, the life-span of your cat is shortened when you allow them to roam freely. So, check your surroundings and decide accordingly.

Overfeeding your Cat – Have a Check on that Diet Plan

Cat owners like to shower their love by feeding their cat with lot of food or treats. This tends to increase their weight, which possibly becomes a reason for various health conditions due to obesity. Overfeeding not only makes your cat’s life miserable but also shortens them. Vets feel tiresome to always play that same old record of directing not to overfeed. Vets try hard to make pet owners understand that obesity leads to lot of health issues in cats including the major issue being mobility.

Diabetes is yet another most common disease caused due to overweight. At times, pet owners find it difficult to deal with obesity condition in their cats and thus opt for euthanasia, which is very inhumane. Thus, the best option to keep a check on this problem is to limit their food intake. Proper diet such as Hill’s Prescription brand weight control cat food range keeps your cat’s weight under control.

These things seem too trivial but, contrarily, if not considered and well played, you may put your cat’s health into danger. Therefore, play on the safe side and take pride in cat parenting.

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