Heartworm is the most dangerous parasite whose constant threat lurks on the world of dogs. Once infected, it is like hell for dogs to undergo treatment procedure of this disease, which is much more difficult. Not constraining to this, the treatment is a way more not so less expensive than the bills paid for the preventive products of these harmful parasites.

Once the dog has been tested positive for heartworm diagnosis, the treatment is life-threatening and recovery period is quite strenuous, painful and long. Recovery does not come without a pain tag for a few days, it just prolongs taking several weeks and sometimes even months, and it is not always possible.

Heartworm Recovery Facts

Initially, an evaluation is taken out to find out the status of your dog’s health and the seriousness of heartworm infestation. Dog’s overall health is taken into consideration before treatment begins.

According to the intensity of disease and your vet’s recommendations, your dog may be hospitalized from two to four days.

The first stage of the treatment includes the administrations of series of injections for killing the adult worms.

When these heartworms are treated, they are killed slowly and gradually and are eliminated over a period of several weeks.

After four weeks of the initial treatment, your dog needs to be taken for second stage of treatment. In the second stage, microfilaria – the baby heartworms are treated. For this treatment, only one-day stay is enough.

Following this, continued checkups and diagnosis is carried out. And further, your dog will be placed on a heartworm preventive.

Things to Keep in Mind during Recovery Process

Lack of Energy

After treatment for heartworms, your dog will feel lethargic and sleepiness for several days due to lack of energy. This will actually help your dog to recover keeping him quiet. You need to also check that you do not force your dog to run or walk during these periods.

Muscle Soreness

Due to heavy dose injection, the injection site might be painful and sore for several days. So, ensure that you do not put any pressure around this area.

Increased Energy

Though your dog may feel better after few days, keep a check that you provide proper care and rest to your furry pal. Refrain him from strenuous work and exercise. Still for a month you need to confine him for total rest. This states no walks, runs or playtime. Whenever you need to take him out, put him on leash and take him out and then in after some time. If he has been over hyper, then confine him in a limited space of the house or put him in a large crate.

Post Recovery

After recovery, continue to keep your dog on preventive medications. This will protect him against the re-onset of heartworm infection. Heartworms are a great threat to the lives of dogs, and the treatment can be painful while the recovery period can be long and tough for the dog of any age.

To prevent the ordeal of all the painful treatments and long recovery periods, put your dog on heartworm preventive management program. It is always good to secure the lives of your dog against the dreadful parasite with help of heartworm preventives rather than putting him under the pain and danger of the treatment.

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