It’s your wedding and nothing more glorious to have your four-legged companion along with all of your loved ones. Without your favorite furry friend, this won’t be a great day for you. Whether it is taking your fur friend down the aisle or taking him along in the wedding dance party or having your fur pal besides you while taking vows, there is nothing more wonderful than involving your furry pal in this great occasion.

To make this special ceremony more enchanting, here are a few of our creative ideas for involving your furry friends in the celebration and showcase your special love to them.

Let your pet propose to your love

Use your pet to propose your love partner. It’s a great idea and the person whom you love would surely feel unique and welcome this gesture with 99% turning out to be positive to your proposal.

Set your pet to offer the ring

It’s a big day for you and letting your loved four-legged companion to offer the ring is awe-inspiring. And who would say “NO” to that ring when it directly comes from that hairy mug.

Let them be a star in your Save the Dates.

Make your love for your pets proclaimed in different manner for your wedding. Instead of cards, get your pet to announce your Save the Dates.

Include them in your engagement photos.

There is nothing lovable than having your furry pal in your engagement photos. Declaring that you have found two loves in your life.

Why not make them a bridesmaid or groomsmen for your marriage?

Choosing your furry pal as a bridesmaid or groomsmen is unusually a creative idea. For more fun, you can even have them as the best man or maid of honor. Isn’t it an awesome idea.

Hold them during your marriage or have them by your side while taking the vows.

Are you little nervous while taking the vows, then your true fur companion can be of much help in easing away that buildup stress. Hold your furry kid while taking the oath or just have them besides you while spelling the vows.

He can be a ring bearer.

Why not give this opportunity to your most trusted furry companion? It is an astounding idea to have them as a ring bearer.

Go beyond to have them in your wedding photos.

Nothing adds more to your wedding photos to cherish for lifetime then having your furry kids in those snaps. Set different locations to include your fur pal and take different wedding photos with them.

Invite them to the ceremony

Without your pet, the ceremony for you may not be complete. So, why not have him to be the first person in the ceremony.

Let them be the special guest of your wedding party.

Your wedding party can never be complete without your furry companion. Why not have one dance with your BFFF (Best Fur Friend Forever) on this special occasion giving him the special guest place.

Assign them the special job like sign holder or welcome partner.

Nothing is more welcoming for your guests when they are welcomed and ushered by your cute furry pal.

Making him/her flower girl escort is not a bad idea.

Get that big flower bouquet to be held by your fur kid, making it a lifelong memorial.

Best option – a pet in place of bouquet.

And, why not a pet in place of bouquet if you are really looking to do something more unique and creative on your BIG DAY.

Let them lead you to the aisle for marriage.

Your heart fills with pride, when your lovable fur kid leads you down the aisle to the marriage platform.

Ride your horse to reception nothing more amazing than this.

Spill the beans and enchant your guests by riding your horse to the reception party. Nothing will awe your guests than this.

Make custom cake with pet on the top.

Nothing more creative and attractive than having your pet image on your wedding cake. Have a custom cake with your pet curved out on the top of the cake.

Arrange a special cake for him/her.

It’s a distinct occasion for you and your fur kid, and nothing is more extraordinary than giving your furry pal a special treat. Get a special cake or customized treat for your pet on this big day.

Allow your pet to be a prop at the photo booth.

Getting to a photo booth for creating memories, then don’t miss to include your pet to be a prop at the photo booth. This gives an opportunity to create a memoir having your fur pal to cherish for a life time.

There is nothing that can stop you to involve your furry pal in your big day. However, to include your BFFF and have all the fun, designate someone trustworthy to take care of your furry kid on this special occasion – not to miss all the fun.

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