New Year is approaching fast, and when it’s time for celebration, we often look around for the safety of our pets. Noise is a huge trauma for your four-legged companion. Though it may be time for too much fun, your furry pal may silently suffer from all the noise coming from the firecrackers and fireworks being lit there during the celebrations.

The impact is more in them as cats and dogs are gifted with acute sense of hearing unlike humans, who can’t listen. Pyrotechnic explosions can cause acoustic trauma to animals whereas humans often miss on this.

To Make This New Year Celebrations Less Traumatic For Your Dogs And Cats

  • Convince and confide your family members to make your home a “Firecracker Free” zone.
  • Request your neighbors not to light or throw firecrackers around your house.
  • During the days leading to new year eve, make your furry pal exercise little more. Take him for a walk after the clearing of the smoke of the festivities.
  • Drain out the pent up energy of your pet, which has been the result of anxiety and stress, through some physical activities.
  • Manage the surroundings and indoor environment, so it may be relaxing and less stressful as much as possible.
  • For a temporary refuge, provide your pet some relaxing spot in the corner or a room of your house. It can be a bedroom or a library or any other room that experiences less noise.
  • Put the curtains and close the windows so that there is less noise in the house. Moreover, start some music such that it neutralizes outside noise and help your pet feel relaxed, safe and secure.
  • Ensure your furry pal has access to clean drinking water round the clock when you are not available during celebration. Also, make him poo/pee.
  • Be relaxed and calm in spite of shouting or laughing at your pet when it is stressed and seems shaking in fear. This is a natural response that they cannot tackle, therefore better give them support.

Well, along with this provide good food and protect them from external and internal parasites. As it’s flea and tick season, your pet may contact flea infestation. So, treat them with preventives such that you can enjoy and start the New Year with a healthy note.

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