Springy spring is knocking our doors, covering the land with blossoms and alluring us with its positive vibes. The melancholy of the winter is fading away with the approaching warmer days, so is the season transforming us from a home bird to a wanderer. And, our pets are no different from us. As the sun comes out blanketing its warmth across the land, our dogs and cats also become quite active due to the cosiness of the weather. However, this season is also a transition period from winters to summers which means seasonal allergens are at their full bloom during the spring months. Moreover, the increasing temperatures also serve as the perfect time for pests to get active and breed again. Thus, the parasitic activities are at its peak during these months which makes it really important for us to safeguard our dogs from contracting unwanted infections and ailments. So, here are some tips you can follow to prevent your dog from the potential hazards that spring brings along.

Spring Safety Tips to Safeguard Your Pet

  1. Keep The Toxic Plants at Bay

Those bright coloured lilies blooming with their full intensity can easily entice our pets, luring them into tasting the flavours of the large petals which can land our pets into danger. Some plants like lilies, daffodils, sago palm, cardiac Glycoside, tulips, buttercups and hyacinths can be extremely poisonous to dogs. Ingestion of even a single petal can be life-threatening for dogs. Therefore, it is important to keep a watch on your dog when you go out on a stroll in this season because some flowers could be fallen on the grounds which can be ingested easily. Apart from that, stop keeping these poisonous plants in your home garden. This is the only way you can save your pet from trouble.

  1. Continue With His Preventatives

Insects like fleas, mosquitoes, bugs and ticks come out of their cocoons and buzz around the flowers in spring. This increases the risk of dogs and cats to contract these parasites when they go outdoors. Therefore, pets must be protected against these parasites year round using preventatives. Consult your vet and find the best preventative that will suit your pet perfectly because the proper dosage of the treatment is also necessary for the product to show full efficacy.

  1. Stash the Cleaners

Many people prefer cleaning their houses during this season and use all sorts of chemical cleaners, bleaches, rug cleaners and furniture tarnish to do so. This increases the chances of accidental ingestion in pets which can eventually land them into severe trouble. So, stash these products away from the reach of your dog if you don’t want to get stuck with unnecessary trouble.

  1. Take Precautions For Seasonal Allergies

Environmental factors like pollen and dust mites can cause allergies in dogs. Even the changes in the weather can take a toll on the pet’s health, therefore, beware of the allergens to which your pet is allergic. If you see him itching, licking or scratching his body, report this to your vet immediately. Make sure every time your dog returns from outdoors, you must wipe his paws thoroughly. Maintain a regular grooming routine which must include bathing and inspecting his body parts, ear and mouth for any infection or infestation.

Spring brings a lot of happiness as it phases in but also serves as the perfect time for parasites to flourish; therefore your pet requires more care in these months. So, make sure you follow these tips and safeguard your pet way in advance to enjoy this beautiful season without any troubles.

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