As the name suggests – Boxing Day – the day after Christmas is a traditional English holiday. Despite its name, there are no boxing games or gloves or least related to the Christmas gift boxes. On the contrary, Boxing Day originated in UK, traditionally, it was a day to gift away money and items to less privileged, as well as to servants – who receive gifts from their employers.

Well, it is not a holiday in US, but you can make it a special day for your cat. If you are a cat owner, then work on this innovative idea that can help you celebrate Boxing Day uniquely. An empty cardboard box can be a much irresistible item for your feline friend.

Try to experiment with some empty boxes. Place a cardboard on the floor and see how long it takes for your cat to resist.

So, here a creative Idea to make your cat enjoy this Boxer’s Day

  • Create a castle or fortress with the help of various boxes cutting down with doors and windows for your cat to peer out of it. Ensure to make the arrangement as such that your cat can easily get out without risk of being trapped inside.
  • Put a throw ball inside the box and look how playfully your cat will run around and try to catch the ball.
  • Put some catnip into the box and observe how your cat roll around in it.
  • Place a soft blanket inside the castle for your cat to rest and snuggle up.
  • Cats are quite finicky and they like variety. So, every now and then try to change the location of the box or folding some of the boxes or adding up new ones throughout the year.
  • Also, try to keep the box pest free by using flea and tick spray to avoid any infestation on your cat.

Have you got any of those tricky fun filled creative idea up your sleeves for your pet? Do share and let’s enjoy this Boxing Day differently!!!

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