It’s a matter of great pride being a dog owner. Loving their every act of frolicking and licking, you look forward to provide them best care possible and always want them to be in pink of health. But, some of them due to their ancestral behaviors, not just put themselves in ill pit but take away the smile on your face pushing you in a tension mode. Dogs are picky animals and love to pick on anything they find interesting or uninteresting. And, this only habit causes health issue. And, due to which, they can easily get infected with worms.

Different Types of Treatments for Dogs

Prevention in the First Place

In the first place, when it comes to worms the best option is to keep your dog away from these parasites. Putting them on worm management program is quite effective and saves on the additional expenses. It only keeps them healthy but does not put an extra burden on your vet bills. It’s like a win-win situation! So, please check that she does not pick on anything that might infect her with worms. No poop, no dead animals and no roadkill platter. Keep those fleas, ticks and other insects away from your doggie. Normally, heartworm is spread through mosquitoes and it can be easily prevented by giving her monthly heartworm preventive like Heartgard or Nuheart.

Look for signs and symptoms of worms

If your dog just goes from a romping, fun-loving, healthy dog to pooping or vomiting animal, then definitely your dog might have been infected with worms.  Look for weight loss and other unhealthy signs. It’s really sordid to check that poop for worms, but you need to check whether there are any worm eggs or rice like segments present. Sometimes, your dog may be perfectly fine with just those worm segments in the feces and at other times, he may be suffering from heavy vomiting or diarrhea.

Visit Vet in suspension of worms

You might have put in all your resources and nerves to keep your furry pal away from worms. But, sometimes, you are not as lucky as you might think. From any corner of the world, that worms get hold of your paw kid and play nasty games on her. When the situation is out of your control, the only option is to visit a vet clinic.

Your veterinarian may further carry on the test to find which type of worms is eating away your dog’s health. Finding a particular worm, your vet can provide a specific deworming control medication as one wormer is good enough for all the worms – hookworms, roundworms, whipworms and tapeworms, which are detected through a sample stool test and heartworms are diagnosed by blood.

Saving a Little Extra

If you are confirmed that your doggie has worms, you can request your vet to avoid test for worms and provide treatment. Some vets may be comfortable with this and agree but all may not be on the same platform. If they don’t, then unfortunately you need to pay those extra bucks for worm testing.

If you find those rice like segments in feces, then possibly your dog is infected with tapeworms and you can start giving him virbac tapewormer or possibly any other allwormer like drontal, cazitel or endogard. These allwormers are effective on different types of gastrointestinal worms.

Preventive Treatments and Clean House

The foremost thing in keeping those worms out of your pet is to keep your house and surroundings clean along with keeping your furry pal on a regular worming schedule. Check your house for fleas and ticks, normally tapeworms are easily spread through ingestion of fleas. So, eliminate these parasites from your house and keep your house clean by vacuuming carpets and crevices of floor and walls. Wash all beddings and upholstery as well as other fabrics with warm water. If possible, use flea spray to remove the bugs.

In your backyard and surroundings, remove the feces before your tyke get a chance to pick on it. Any dead creatures found in the lawn or garden, immediately dispose it off as your pooch may get a chance to have a feast on it giving an open invitation to those nasty parasites to attack on her intestines.

Use flea bomb or fogger to remove fleas and cut down the tall grass to control tick population in your backyard. Keeping all things in handy to keep these worms away greatly ensure that your pooch is secure from the worm infection.

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