Australia Day relates to events, celebrations, fireworks, and lot more things to enjoy. And, added to this, the day is balmy may be not so sultry. And, it means a great time for outings, beach plays and backyard BBQs. Well, are you missing something, YES, all about your pet. On Australia Day, you must be engrossed in celebration, but do remember on such days, your furry pal requires extra care and safety.

Here is the Checklist of some of the things to follow to have a Safe Australia Day for your furry pal.

Tips to beat the heat for your pets

  • Keep large water containers in and around the house with cool fresh water, which is easily accessible to your pooch. Ensure that you provide numerous different sources of water so that your pooch does not run out of water if one is spilt. To add little fun to this, you can freeze treats or toys in ice trays and put it in water container for hours of fun.
  • Get a doggie’s little pool or set your child’s shell pool under a shade and fill it with water for your dog to swim and keep cool.
  • When taking your dog out for a walk, just check the temperature. Stand on the ground barefoot and feel the temperature. If it is too hot for you to stand, then possibly it is hot for your pooch with bare paws. Consider to take your furry pal in the early mornings or late evenings, when the temperature drops down and the ground becomes lesser hot.


  • Treats are the special add-ons of Australia Day celebration. People love to slurry up those delicious sweet dishes and love to treat their pet animals as well. But, wait those sweet treats are not at all healthier option for your furry pals. They are quite dangerous in many ways for your dog’s health. So, never try to treat your dog with those sweet delicacies.
  • When on table enjoying a huge feast with your relatives or friends, many of you would love to throw those tits bits at your four-legged companion, which is a bad idea. Sometimes, little bones can cause choking accidents and the scraps from the dining table are not good for your doggie or kitty.
  • Do not treat them with cooked bones as these can easily splinter and damage your pet’s throat or intestine.
  • Avoid giving chocolates to your furry kids as it contains a natural stimulant called theobromine, which is poisonous and can be fatal for your pet.
  • Over the holiday period, there are emergencies arriving at vet clinics only due to pancreatitis in animals. And it is caused due to fatty food. Do not feed your pet with fatty food to avoid pancreatitis.


  • Australia Day to people in the nation means fireworks. You all love to watch those spectacular light designs in the dark night background and big BOOMs. Lest many pets are not well acquainted with these noises and feel stressed out. Being a responsible pet owner, it is crucial to avoid fireworks with your pet.
  • If you feel that your pooch is too stressed out, do not wait for long, take your pal to vet immediately for anxiety treatment.
  • If you are going to attend fireworks, ensure that he/she is under someone’s care.
  • If possible, call for pet sitter or keep them with a family member or friend who is not going for celebration.
  • Ensure that they are kept in a secure place, and at a place that is indoors and quieter. Make sure that the place is comfortable adoring with proper bed, plenty of water and food.

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