What most pet parents don’t realize that monthly flea and tick treatment is as necessary as the food and water required for their furry pals especially kitties. Usually, parasitic treatments along with dental and joint care are ignored in cats due to their natural tendency which doesn’t bring forth easily the possible signs at the earlier stages of sickness until the health is grossly deteriorated.

Fleas and ticks have a wider impact on the health of your cat as they trigger both external and internal bodily mechanism causing illnesses. The flea bite causes skin irritation as well as tends to transmit lungworm infections in cats. Similarly, ticks not only suck blood and irritate the skin causing allergic reactions that can lead to scratching, infection and hair loss but also transmit Lyme disease. And, when stricken with Lyme disease, the cat can suffer from fever, swollen joints and lameness.

To relieve your cat from fleas and ticks, specially formulated dips, sprays, and topical treatments are available that aids in eliminating this problem and frees your furry pal quickly from the menace of flea and tick bites. Shampoos are primarily helpful in not only removing the girth and dirt but also kicking off biting fleas. Whereas sprays and dips destroy fleas and remove flea dirt. Additionally, flea powder provides similar functionality.

Not limited to just flea powder and spray edition, flea and tick medicines also come in spot-on and oral treatments. Whereas some flea and tick formulations are not restricted to just killing adult flea and tick but has the potentiality of eliminating the larval and other immature stages like flea eggs. For e.g. Frontline Plus restricts the growth of flea eggs and thus breaks the flea life cycle and prevents further flea infestation.

Once the flea medication aids to make your cat pest free, there are these Flea Collars and Spot-on that help to protect your cat year round. These medications though harsh and effective on parasites are gentle on your cat.

Just treating your cat is not enough when you are looking for long term protection and controlling recurring parasitic infestations. Cat surroundings too have to be taken care of and need to be made flea and tick free to keep your furry kid protected.

Rugs, carpets, cushions, and mattresses, as well as upholstery, are the hotspots and breeding grounds of fleas and ticks. These things have to be cleaned regularly in order to remove flea eggs and other immature stages. Not just rugs and mattresses only – floors, crevices, bedding and furniture are not any exclusion. Powder, foggers, and sprays are highly effective and can be easily used for floors and crevices, in controlling flea and tick infestations. These are easy to use and provide quick solutions to get rid of fleas.

Well, complete parasitic control is quite necessary when it comes to protecting your cat from flea and tick infestations. These pests are quite prevalent and can play havoc at any time on your kitty’s health. Therefore, a good protection plan makes it easier to handle the ill effects of fleas and ticks.

A proactive approach in keeping your kitty and home free from fleas and ticks will not only cut down on vet bills but also helps maintain the health of your furry kid.

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