Numerous stories, reviews, ratings have been churning out about Capstar around the web. Pet parents are always looking for the best product for their furry friends and looking through the reviews, they can take the decision to choose the best.

Capstar flea pill has a plethora of advantages which not only benefits pets but also pet owners. With numerous talks going around Capstar, let us see what different people from varied fields have to say about this oral flea treatment.

Ratings from a Vet

Vets deal with numerous cases of pets suffering from heavy infestations. And it seems Capstar comes as their first option as it is a fast acting treatment dealing with a huge number of fleas. Normally, for pet parents, it is primarily the topical treatments that emerge out but experts have something more to look into.

Capstar basically is a more of a one-to-one parasite destroyer. It’s not a preventive but rather an effective treatment that seamlessly eliminates the fleas within a fraction of hours. It acts in small bundles and works spectacularly on fleas.

Major Features Of Capstar Flea Treatment

  • Highly convenient to administer
  • Kills adult fleas within a few hours
  • Single-pill treats heavy infestation
  • Provides quick relief from flea bites
  • Stops itching and irritation
  • Easy to dose


Every products has both positive and negative aspects, let’s see what Capstar holds

What Retailers Have To Say About Capstar?

Most of the retailers claim that it is one of the fastest selling products in their store. Moreover, there is a huge number of repeat customers who are happy with the results and like to purchase it whenever their pet has a heavy infestation.

Retailers are also quite happy with the Capstar as usually customers don’t come around complaining about this flea treatment and therefore, they usually keep a good stock of Capstar to make it easily available for their customers.

However, they grieve about the low sell during the winters compared to other treatments like collars and topical spot-on.

What Customers Are Talking About Capstar?

Thousands of customers have used this product for their furry companions and have rated it 4.6 stars out of 5. The statistic also states that the result is in comparison with other flea treatments. Out of 12000 reviewers, 11678 have given their poll as:

On the Other Side of the Coin

There are others who feel that Capstar is not the right choice when it comes for long term protection against fleas. Some also lament that it does not work for a long period and for others, dosing is quite a problem. However, the number of negative reviews is far less compared to the positive ones.

Moreover, it’s already claimed that Capstar is one go treatment. It works instantly and the effectiveness just stays for one day only. So, there is no possibility of it working for a longer period. Following this flea treatment, long term flea and tick treatment need to be initiated for your furry pal.

In a nutshell, Capstar is an excellent flea treatment with a bundle of benefits and positive reviews. The oral treatment not only confines itself in killing fleas and flea infestation but also instantly controls flea bites and itching. And the added cream on the cake is its prices, which makes it highly affordable.

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