Fleas are more than just annoying pests as they can cause real health problems on your pet if left untreated. They are the most common parasites found in dogs. As fleas are ubiquitous creatures, it becomes practically impossible to keep fleas at bay. However, there are some ways that will help you to protect your Fido and also to keep fleas away from your home.

Check Your Pet Regularly For Fleas

If you have taken your pet in the area that is densely populated with fleas or when you notice that fleas have also made a room in your home, then immediately check your pet. Ensure to check your pet’s skin, armpits and ears for fleas. The longer the fleas stay attached to your pet, the more likely they are to cause flea-borne diseases to your pooch. Thus, the best way for you to protect your Fido from fleas is by checking him on a regular basis.

Never Use Old Flea Products

If you’re a long-time pet parent, you might have stored flea preventives in a drawer or somewhere. Though, it might be tempting for you to use the stored products when required, when it comes to protecting your Fido it is best to trade the old products. Every product comes with an expiry date and using them after they have expired may cause adverse effects.Therefore, always ensure to check the date of the products before giving to your pooch or check for newer brands that work better.

Groom Your Dog Daily

Keeping your dog clean is the key to keep those feisty fleas away from him. As a pet parent, ensure to clean your dog on a regular basis. Bath your dog with warm water and shampoo which will help to kill fleas. Then you can also comb your dog’s fur in a way that reaches his skin which can help to remove fleas. Combing your dog’s coat will help you keep an eye out for any external parasites that may be hiding under your pet’s coat.

Clean Up Your Yard

It’s not just about keeping your dog clean but also to keep your home clean. Fleas can make a home at your place to infect your pup and expand their territory. Hence, keeping a well-groomed home is the key to get rid of fleas. Ensure to keep your yard clean, collect tree leaves, tall grass and bushes from the yard in order to give no place for fleas to sneak in.

Make Your Home Unwelcoming for Fleas

A vacuum is a key component to keep your house clean. Keep the home clean by dumping the garbage bag outside the home as garbage is an ideal breeding place for fleas. Vacuum the furniture and clean your pet’s bed. You can also use salt; sprinkle it lightly over your carpet, brush the carpet and leave it for a day before vacuuming thoroughly.

Use Fleas and Tick Preventives

Prevention is always a smart choice. Therefore, the pet parent should consider buying flea preventives in order to protect their pup from flea infestation. There are a plethora of flea preventives but Revolution for dogs, Advantage for dogs and Frontline Plus are some of the best flea preventives.

Fleas can cause immense discomfort to your pet, so the best way to keep them off is to carry out regular checkups with your vet. Follow these tips diligently so that you don’t have to worry about fleas anymore.