If your dog is like any other dog, he’ll never say no to a good treat. Even the laziest dogs show their best moves when enticed with treats.

Top 5 Dog Treat Brands in 2022

While dogs love to snarf up on treats, pet parents love the fact that treats help in their training and positive reinforcement. On top of that, good treats also help create a deeper bond with pets.

Today, zillions of brands offer a variety of dog treats. They come in every shape and flavor to please your buddy. But with a lot of choices, it becomes difficult to pick out the best one.

We have narrowed down the very best 5 dog treat brands that we think your dog is going to go crazy for.

Best Vet Recommended Dog Treat Brands

Greenies: Best for Proactive Wellness

Greenies is dedicated to manufacturing delicious dog treats with proven health benefits. These treats are purposely designed by expert veterinarians, nutritionists, and scientists to improve specific pet health issues. Greenies offer treats for dental care, weight management, immunity, joint health, skin & coat, anytime bites, etc.

Greenies is very popular for their dental treats, which keep dental health in check, and for flavored pill pockets to disguise medicines.

Lickables: Best for Quality Snacking

Lickables by Central Pet offer quality snacking solutions for dogs. Lickables are tail-waggingly delicious treats made with high-quality ingredients and 100% single meat protein. Free from any artificial flavors and preservatives, these treats deliver straightforward goodness and lickerrific variety.

If you’re looking for healthy treats for dogs, Lickables lamb bites, beef bites, or chicken tenders are great options to consider.

Balanced Life: Best Premium Treats

Balanced Life brings to the market an exclusive range of premium dog treats. Companion treats by Balanced Life are rich in protein, packed full of flavor, and loaded with vitamins, minerals, and essential trace elements for maximum nutrition. They’re gently air-dried to retain their maximum nutritional value.

Spoil your furry companion with the best-selling Balanced Life Companion Treats like Chicken Companion Treats, Salmon Companion Treats, and Lamb Companion Treats.

Yours Droolly: Best Puppy Treats

Yours Droolly believes that as much as a pup is joy and fun, it needs training. And, with good training comes the need for good treats. Yours Droolly offers the best dog treats for puppies. Their range of healthy and delicious treats will keep your puppy happy and coming back for more.

If you are looking for a way to your new pup’s heart, Yours Droolly Chicken Training Treats or Mix-up Treats is the way!

Blackhawk: Best Training Treats

Blackhawk treats are specially crafted for rewarding your pups while you’re training them. Made from responsibly sourced, human-grade local ingredients in regional Australia, Blackhawk treats promise to deliver protein-rich, tasty treats that are packed with nature’s goodness.

Rest assured you’re giving your dog the best with Jerky Treats, Jerky Bites, and more from Blackhawk.

We hope these suggestions eliminate the guesswork of choosing the best dog treats so that you can spend more time with your dog!