If your dog is slower than usual, is ignoring play time, or choosing to lie over the sofa more often, there is a great chance your dog is low on energy. There are several factors that can lead to this lethargic behavior like illness recovery, joint pain, low metabolism, anxiety or more.

How To Boost Your Dog’s Energy

Regardless of the reason, you can help your pup gain its energy back, all you need is a few right approaches. The first and important step is to acknowledge lethargies in your dog. If the change in behavior is significant, it is vital to consult your vet about the matter. If the case is of low stamina or laziness, we got you some best energy booster approaches for your furry friend.

Give your pup balanced nutrition

Never underestimate the importance of a balanced diet for your pet. Boost your dog’s immunity by including food with high nutritional value like antioxidants and vitamins; some good sources of such nutrition include blueberries, kale, green beans, pumpkin, and more.

Play fetch down the Stairs

Dogs love fetching game. However, if for any reason your dog doesn’t go out or gets exhausted playing it in its original form, there is another way to play this game. Use stairs to play fetch, just toss the ball down the stairs and let your dog chase the ball while you sit comfortably.

Keep your pup mentally stimulated

Just like physical activities, mental stimulation impacts your pet’s wellness and energy levels. You can boost the mental stimulation of your dog by teaching him commands or engaging him with interactive toys.

To teach commands, begin with easy to follow commands like sit, and shake hands, later go to more challenging tricks like spinning. You can also make use of toys like puzzle balls; treat dispensers and more to make your dog more active.

Hide your Dog’s favorite toys and treats

Another way to move your lazy pet is to hide things he likes and make him search. For instance, show him his favorite treats or toys. Ask someone to divert his attention and then hide the treat at an accessible place like a sofa. Let the dog search, and when he finds his toy make sure to praise. Also, after some success you make the game more difficult by hiding his favorite treat to a different spot.

Consider joint care supplements for your pet

Joint issues are more common in dogs than you think; these issues are especially prevalent in working dog breeds. If your dog is avoiding stairs or has slowed its speed of walking, the reason can be joint pain. Some of the common reasons for joint pain in dogs include arthritis, fractures, hormonal disorders, and even cancer in some cases. It is important to take precautionary steps before it occurs and the best way to do that is to provide your dog with the right nutrition, supplements and encourage exercise in their routine. Visit DiscountPetCare to look for suitable supplements for your canine friend.

Dogs’ activity pace or energy tells a lot about their overall health. Hence, it is crucial for you to be aware of what’s normal and what’s not normal for them. If you do not regularly walk your dog or play with him, start doing it now as it will help you catch illness or slow metabolism and take necessary steps at the right time.