Dog hair lay strewn all over the house is something all pet parents can relate to. It is a very common problem that dog parents face and this age-old problem needs to be tackled. Hence, we have decided to share some valuable tips that will help pet parents in Australia and around the globe to keep the free-flowing dog hair under check. Read on as we unearth some very useful dog hair control tips.

Tips to Control Dog Hair at Home

They fly all over the house, they get stuck on carpets, and of course, they are irritating. Yes, we are talking about dog hair. We do love our dogs, but not their excessive fur shedding. Thus, below are some useful tips which will help you bring this problem under control.

1. Groom Wisely

Grooming your dog on a regular basis is essential. And brushing your dog’s fur is part of any grooming session. While grooming your furry pal, the hair will obviously scatter here and there. But to counter this problem, have you ever thought of grooming your buddy in the yard? Well, doing so will keep your home fur-free and save you loads of time from sweeping and dusting your home. While this is a great idea, make sure the weather outside is not too windy.

2. Clean Bed and Beddings

Dogs tend to spend a lot of their time sleeping and it’s one of their favourite things to do. Over a span of a few days, their bed, as well as the beddings, tends to get filthy and smelly. You’ll also find tiny strands of dog hair too. Hence, to avoid this, clean their belongings regularly with proper surfactants and water. Keeping your buddy’s bed and beddings clean will go a long way in preventing dog hair from accumulating and can prevent so many health issues.

3. Opt For a Good Vacuum

Despite our best efforts to control dog hair, it somehow manages to enter the house. In situations like this, it’s always good to invest in a proper vacuum cleaner that will help to pick out dog hair from all corners of the house. Also, ensure you vacuum clean the house regularly, preferably on a daily basis to control dog hair.

4. Visit Your Vet

Even after following the above tips if you are unable to control dog hair, then visiting a vet is highly advised. Your dog might be facing some health issues which need to be looked into. Thus, visit a vet and allow him to find out the reason behind the excessive hair loss.

Though we all know it is literally impossible to completely control dog hair at home, the above tips will help you, to some extent at least. Make sure you vacuum your home on a daily basis and also groom your pal regularly to remove all the excess hair that otherwise might spread all over your house.