Cleanliness and sanity around your yard is of prime importance to keep the diseases away.Filth   and dirt are contributory factors,promoting the infestation of fleas around you and your pet.These tiny creatures don’t need much space to establish their kingdom,once they become innumerable after multiplying, their decimation is like a hard nut not easy to break.

Awareness among pet owners about effective ways to counteract and defend fleas as well should be there.Various efficient therapeutic and sanity related techniques are there to help you in order to relieve you and your pooch from any further excruciating conditions.Here you can get a glimpse of healthy practices you should follow to get rid of those pesky creatures: 

   Let’s Start With Some Of The Natural Ways To Prevent Fleas: 

   1. Clean Your Pet Regularly:

 Cleaning and grooming at regular intervals is essential to keep fleas away from pets, as their   unhygienic conditions are a direct invitation to fleas and other parasites.

   2. Spread Salt:

Salt causes morbidity in fleas and, as the salt sucks moisture.When a salt crystal attaches itself to a flea, it will cause excoriating and scraping on the flea and lastly it will eliminate flea.

   3. Use A Lemon Solution In Affected Areas:

Thinly slice one whole lemon and drop it into a pint of water. Bring the water to a boil.Then, let stand overnight for maximum potency. Pour into a spray bottle and spray onto affected areas. 

Sometimes just using some home remedies is not that effective to decrease the suffering of your lovable pets. Marketed products are used by majority of the pet owners.The criteria for selection of the optimal product depend on the health condition of your pooch.

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