Is your pet protected by monthly heartworm preventive treatments? If NO, then he/she has a high risk of getting infected with heartworms. This is potentially fatal infection condition that leads your dog or cat having severe lung disease, heart failure, organ damage, and other serious problems. This makes our pets life miserable. This is why it is important to know about effective treatments for heartworms to maintain the quality of your best companion’s life.

A heartworm infection can affect both dogs and cats, but this disease differs in each species. Because, the heartworms in cat do not survive to the maturity stage; while the dog is a natural host for heartworms where the heartworms live inside the dog mature into adults and produce off spring.

Usually, a dog has several worms in their bodies; a cat has just one or three worms. It may be looking good side for cat, but it actually makes heartworm disease complicated to diagnose in cats, and lead to heartworm associated respiratory disease. Well, here it is important to know the effective treatment and means of prevention to keep your pet safe.
Let’s take a glimpse on heartworm treatments: 

While there are some powerful treatments available today that kills the adult heartworms in a dog, there is no any treatment available for a complete cure of feline heartworm disease. But with supportive care and using monthly preventive heartworm medication, you can help your cat in preventing weight loss and blood clots as well as reducing the serious damage of organs like heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver. In case of a cat, the prevention is just an option. If you have cat infested with heartworm, then you can start monthly heartworm prevention like Revolution for her.

For dog, there are many products available for heartworm prevention. But, choose one best option according to your pet’s lifestyle and safety manner. The most convenient method of protection is once a year heartworm injection that kills adult heartworms. In addition, you can use monthly heartworm preventatives and treatments including spot on treatments like Advocate and Revolution or tasty chews like Nexgard Spectra, Comfortis plus, and Interceptor Spectrum. Some monthly heartworm treatments also provide protection against some parasite such as fleas and ticks.

If your dog has heartworms for a long time, it might be complicated for him. There are chances to lead some serious problems or may require to hospitalize him for better treatment. In rare cases of heartworms, dog may need surgical treatment to remove the worms from the heart and vessels within the lungs.

But, the best treatment for your pet is prevention. So, be cautious and invest in safe, easy to use and effective preventive medications to protect your pet from this dangerous disease.

Pets are precious. They lengthen our life span. Hence, when it comes to the life of our furry companion, let’s we make a promise to give them quality life in return with the best treatments.

Best Heartworm Treatments For Dogs