Canine liver disease is indeed a true illness. Why? Did you think only humans have damaged liver..? Yes, dogs do face liver issues and it is one of the most lethal causes of illness amongst them. People who are unknown to the subject buckle up because in the following article you will be made aware about what is liver disease in dogs. What are the symptoms that one can relate to if they find such illness? How should one treat their dogs and prevent liver disease?

The liver is a vital organ of dog’s body that not only helps in digestion process but also removes toxic substances from the body. There is no single reason that causes liver diseases in dogs. It may vary from genetics to infection or presence of toxins in the body etc. Exposure to insecticides or antibiotics, or any unwanted ingested particles can lead to liver damage. The damage takes place in a set course where cells die and the liver start expanding and becomes rubbery resulting in an irreversible condition known as cirrhosis.

Certain symptoms of liver disease in dogs are:

  • Weight loss
  • Eating less food
  • Vomiting
  • Yellow eyes and tongue (Jaundice)
  • Weakness
  • Increase in thirst levels
  • Seizures
  • Elevation in urination levels
  • Bloated abdominal region
  • Lethargy
  • Blood in stools, urine or vomit

What are the preventive steps one can take to stop such illness in dogs?

  • Certain causes that lead to liver disease cannot be prevented like genetic issues. However, you can ensure that the source of toxins like plants, chemicals and other substances that holds potential threat must be kept as far away as possible.
  • Any sign of illness or infection must be treated at the earliest. If you have doubts regarding any activity of your dogs consult your vet.
  • You should get your pet vaccinated and keep up to date with all of the necessary vaccines.
  • Dietary supplements should be rich and well balanced with lots of fresh and clean water being provided to the dogs.

Treatments are available for the pooch to get better and lead a healthy and ill-free life. The treatment options for your dog are:

  • Change in dietary supplements:

Changing the diet of the dog is mostly recommended by vet to make sure that the diseased dog gets proper intake of calories and nutrients. This rich in nutrient diet helps in regeneration of the liver. You can even prepare a healthy and a liver-friendly diet for your doggie at home. Non-meat protein like dairy products and eggs are preferred in such kind of diet.

  • Medications:

Anti-inflammatory ingredients like Glucocoticoids are used for dogs suffering from liver disease. To manage the symptoms other kinds of anti-biotic can also be given to the dog. Consulting with a vet before starting with any medicated treatment might be useful as he might guide you in a proper way.

Surgery is also an advised option by the veterinarians but before opting that go through all the side effects and the risk factors involved. Take expert’s opinions and then take this major step.

Caring for your dog and providing all the beneficial supplements that may help in combating the disease is helpful.

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