Now most of the USA companies have come up with pet-friendly policies. The good reason for adopting such policies is because pet-friendly offices are increasing their trend. Taking your furry pals to the workplace can be very beneficial to the employees and company. The pet can help to boost up the staff and productivity. Are you thinking how can it be possible? Here are the reasons as follows:

Relieve Work Stress:

The studies have shown that the significant difference between the pet owners and non pet owners. They have seen that the pet owners had lower blood pressure during the time of mental stress than the non pet owners. The affectionate with animals increases oxytocin level (an anti-stress hormone) and reduces cortisol levels ( a stress hormone). It is revealed that taking your dog at workplace reduce your and even the colleagues stress levels. Your dog will be a mood booster as anyone pets him and all the stress seems to dissipate.

Pooch Bonds The Relationship Between Employees:

Your dog at the workplace can make up everybody’s mood in the office. He has the power to draw people even stranger towards him. Your dog can change the complete environment of the workplace. All the employee will get together where the dog is and create a jolly moment and automatically interact with each other. This can be the best way to spend time and know each other in the office.

Encourage Healthy Living:

If you take your dog to the office he will need walking from time to time. You and your staff members need exercise for well-being. So at that time you can share the responsibility among the staff to take the dog for a walk and get some fresh air. In this way, healthy living can be performed in the office.

Increase In Productivity:

Taking short breaks away from the desk and spending time with the dog. Their sweetness, energy, and love make us happier and makes us more productive. A regular mental break from one’s work is known to increase work quality and efficiency. Another reason pets increase the productivity at work is because that their owner will tend to remain in the office for long hours.

Hope even you agree with this, that taking your pet can really make the difference at your workplace. You can ask at your company that can you bring the pet at the office. If agreed you will really enjoy the day and even complete the office work on time without any stress.