“The Year That Came To An End.”

This is the first thought we encounter when we look back to think of the year that, is going to end. Many memories particularly those spent with your furry pal now will be the part of the nostalgia that is going to grip you in coming days.

New Year as we say is still a couple of steps away, though we can sense the freshness it is going to bring into our lives. The tradition of celebrating the New Year is too old to remember. The new thing you can do this New Year is to celebrate in new style. And, in the center of that celebration will be your little companion.

We, as you know by the insignia DiscountPetCare.com.au have come up with some ideas adding more flavor to your New Year celebrations with your furry friend.

A New Year Party for Your Little Furry Pal 

New Year has become a synonym for the celebration worldwide. The images of the fireworks, lighting, pub and discos are aligned closely when you see those celebrations on the virtual world. However, in the midst of this grandeur there are these little things, which make our world happy and large. The happiness of spending the time with your furry pal and your family on the New Year eve is priceless and no other celebration can match this grandeur.

So, break the monotony. Give your furry pal a New Year Party. Dress him nicely, prepare the grand feast and enjoy with your family. 

Play A Fun Game With Your Four-Legged Friend 

This will make your New Year really funny and exciting. Playing a game like hide and seek with your furry pal will bring you closer to your pet. Such a game not only adds joy to the environment but also helps in understanding each other.

You can try other games and invent something new to make things look wonderful. You can make him do the umpire’s job if you would like to play the Bradman’s game.

Click A Perfect Family Picture 

Your furry pal makes your complete family. Am I right? Surely, that’s a stupid question to ask. Technology has made our lives easier. The most wonderful thing it has done is that it has given us the power to capture the moments, which are priceless and immeasurable.

Hence, this New Year take out your smart phone, click the perfect picture of you and your family with your little furry pal. 

Days That Lies Ahead 

The most positive thing about every New Year is that it gives us a chance to change our lives for the better. It is a chance to change our furry pal’s life for better, and most importantly to make our world – a pet friendly world.

Discount Pet Care Australia since the days of its inception works on the same principle. That is, to make this world a more pet- friendly world. Our services and products including Dog fleas and ticks, wormers and general pet care supplies at affordable prices is testimony to this thought.

A Very Happy New Year From Discount Pet Care Family. Stay Pet Friendly.

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