Oh! The long wait is going to an end. Yes, Christmas – the festival of lights is now just a matter of few days to bless our life and to fill our hearts with gratitude and warmness.  Every festival brings something positive into our life but what set apart Christmas from other festivals is its fervor. The tradition of celebrating this festival with the whole family including your little furry pal, joining the family prayer, attending the masses, sharing gifts with our loved ones is the reason that makes this festival so special. It is the festival, which has survived the test of time without losing its original meaning.

However, with time, mode of celebrating Christmas has also changed. Now, the fireworks in the sky and the lighting of the streets are stealing the show. With all these celebrations, there are ample reasons for you to be more careful in these times of joy, especially when it is about your pet’s well being.

Here are some dos and don’ts, which matters to your pet safety.

  • The hearing sense of animals especially dog or cat is of a higher level as compared to
  1. Therefore, the sound of fireworks will make them anxious and feared.

Secure your pet a safe place where he is quite away from these firecrackers and can feel safe and comfortable.

  • Pet parents out of love for their pets sometimes over feed them during festival days. This is not good for their health as it can create weight issues and can lead to obesity in your pet. Sweets and chocolates are a big no, to safeguard your pet’s life.
  • In the midst of these celebrations, don’t let your pet feel lonely. As, a proud pet lover make sure that he feels, being very much part of the home celebration. This is something, which you cannot ignore.
  • If you possess a cat, take note of her behavior during festivals. These are the times when she may feel little stressed either because of more activity in the environment or due to the unusual fervor of these days. A product like Feliway Spray, can be of great help in such circumstances.
  • Last but not the least; do not forget to visit your veterinarian, this Christmas before you go for a vacation.

As Christmas brings the end of the year, let this Christmas turn you into a more responsible pet parent. Discount Pet Care, through its products and services will always be there to share your responsibilities in pet parenting. This Christmas, avail pet care products at exciting discounts and at affordable prices.

Happy Christmas!!!

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