Hold your breath! The show is not yet over. There is something special in the day, which comes after Christmas. Boxing Day for many, is the extension of the festive spirit that Christmas brings in their life. The day gives one more reason to smile and celebrate.

Over the years, Boxing Day has become the flashpoint for Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Not to anger the cricket folks, watching the Boxing Day Test Match sums up an old Aussie Boxing Day tradition.

For other folks, Boxing Day means fun, online sales, cinema, etc. Discount Pet Care, a site for pet lovers in Australia, has something to offer to people who see their pets as an important part of their Boxing Day celebrations.

This Boxing Day, surprise your pet, taking cue from the following ideas and make this day- a day to remember in years to come.

The Morning Surprise- Hit The Road 

Well! This may seem little harsh to people who struggle rising early in the morning, and that too after the eventful Christmas. However, an early morning ride, with your furry pal seated behind has its own charm.

The glimpse of the roadside trees, the freshness of the morning air and the warm feeling generated by your little friend in the car will create an atmosphere of love and warmness.

Enjoy A Sport With Your Pet 

After the morning surprise, gear up for the age-old Aussie tradition of watching a sport on Boxing Day.  Make your pet ready, dressed in whites, assuming the old Aussie love for cricket and enjoy the Boxing Day Test Match live on television. The choice of sport in this regards is completely yours.

You can go out with your pet and play sport of your liking. Your pet can very much do the Umpire’s job and make things look fair and sporty.

Reserve Noon For Feast 

Nothing can bring more satisfaction than enjoying a great feast. Make the day special by arranging a special feast for your pet. Avoid chocolates and ensure a healthy Boxing Day lunch.

Watch A Evening Movie Show 

This one for the movie buffs! Arrange a special film screening for your pet. Invite other pet parents with their pets, and make the evening merry and blissful. The joy of sitting with your pet, watching the entertainment on screen is unexplainable.

Hit the Online Sales at Night 

No celebration is complete without shopping. After a long eventful day, do the final task of shopping for your pet. You can make your gift valuable, by opting for wellness products ranging from Dog fleas and ticks, wormers, dog heartwormers, health supplements, etc. 

At Discount Pet Care Australia, you can grab the above pet care products at unbelievable prices.

The above ideas are incorporated, keeping in mind the varied taste of an individual. You can leave one ritual and opt for another, depending upon the time and your taste. As far as your pet is concerned, he is most happy being in the company of his master.

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