Looking after a dog is not an easy task. From their food to their basic needs, you need to pay heed to the smallest of things. We always shower our pets with love and attention, but sometimes, this can have a negative impact on your pet’s mental health. Dogs often get attached to their pet parents and family members, so much in a way that they develop separation anxiety. When a person leaves the house, or there’s death of your pet’s favourite human, it can affect his mental health. The fear of abandonment is seen in dogs that are pampered as well as shelter dogs that haven’t been given much attention.

If you have a clingy dog that gets anxious as soon as you try to leave the house, you need to handle him with care and love. The question arises in every pet parent’s mind is – how to tackle separation anxiety in dogs? Well, look no further! Here you will find easy tips that will help to keep your dog happy and prevent anxiety.

Leave Quietly

We often make a big deal out of goodbyes. Waving at your dog, giving him goodbye hug, all this indicates that you are leaving. Which, results in making the dog super nervous. So, the next time you get out of the house, keep it subtle. Leave your doggo with another family member or switch on TV so your pup is distracted enough to not care. Similarly, when you return, don’t get all excited. This will make him understand that you leaving the house is not a big deal.

Practice Obedience Training

Dogs are highly intuitive and pick up on even the smallest gestures. Whether it’s getting ready for heading outside, grabbing your keys or even reaching for the door, your Fido will get the idea. So, start training him to stay when you tell him to. By putting on your shoes and not actually leaving the house will send the sign that the action doesn’t always indicate that you’re going out. So, try dressing up and then indulge in daily routine. This will make your furry pal less anxious when it’s time for you to actually go.

Get Interactive Toys

Dog Toys

Keeping your furry buddy distracted and entertained while you’re away is the best option. For this, there are plenty of interactive toys available in the market such as food dispenser, puzzle toys, etc. In fact, nowadays there are toys available in which you can install your own voice so your dog can hear you as well. These products can be extremely helpful if you have to leave your dog alone in the house.

Play with your Dog

Whenever you get some free time, indulge in some physical activities with your pup. Whether it’s exercising together or playing fetch, initiate the game that requires physical activity. A dog that is physically active will be automatically happy and content.

Make Home A Happy Place

Happy Dog House

A dog should never feel like he’s confined to the four walls. So, ensure his room has plenty of ventilation, a window and his favourite toys! This will give him a sense of safety and he won’t be anxious all the time.

As a pet parent, it’s your responsibility to keep a check on your pet’s mental health. If you notice your dog has separation anxiety, follow these steps to ease his behaviour. Moreover, you may also keep Adaptil Home Diffuser in stock as this product may come in handy if your buddy suffers from anxiety.

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