Bringing home a dog is something that light ups your world. And, as a pet-parent you really wanna do everything perfect for your pup. Either a novice or an experienced pet-parent, all are aware of the fact that dogs need training not only to adopt human environment but to also streamline their routines in a particular manner. Well, training a dog isn’t an easy task, it takes a lot to train someone who cannot communicate as we do. Though there’s an overflowing information available on how to train a dog on internet, which can surely serve as a ice-breaker. However, after all that there can be minor issues that may create big issues if you don’t hire a professional dog trainer.

Yes, you might be putting in your best efforts to train your dog but there are certain signs your pet displays which indicates that it’s time to hire a professional dog trainer now.

Pulling on the leash

Leash training for Dogs

Law states that generally collars and leashes are required for pets. It means that if you want to take your dog out in public than the dog has to be on leash. However, not all dogs like to be leashed and can drag you around. Dogs that are not used to the leash can be out of control when you take them in public. And, heavy pulling can be dangerous, therefore, it is crucial to hire a dog trainer to provide leash training and ensure that your pooch stays safe in public.


Jumping dog

Jumping in joy is a dog’s normal tendency. But pet-parents complaining about unwanted jumping of their dog is a matter of concern. Especially when people come to visit and all they can witness is a dog jumping uncontrollably. Jumping can be hurtful as people can get injured, knocked over or scratched if the dog isn’t trained to control his unwanted jumping. So, the key is to hire a pet trainer who can help your pup with his jumping issues.

 Growling and Biting

Dog Growling and Biting

Aggression in dogs can be dangerous and growling is one of the earliest sign of aggression in dogs. Growling is an alarming sign that the dog is escalated into full-blown attack or bites. And, if your dog develops the habit if biting others than be a really serious matter as he can harm others. It becomes almost impossible for a pet-parent to handle their pup’s aggression in public. Hence, it is wise to seek the help of a professional assistance.

Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety in dogs

Well, every dog has separation anxiety up to an extent. However, some can be more vulnerable with the idea of staying away from their pet-parent even for a specific time during the day. Therefore, if you pet cannot stay away from you even for a short span and becomes anxious then it is advisable to leave your Fido only under the supervision of a trained professional. Because an expert can handle a dog suffering from anxiety issues and yet manage to train him with all the patience.

Ignoring Commands

At times, people ignoring what we say are acceptable but when a pet completely ignores what you’re saying raises a matter of concern for every pet-parent. This may happen due to many facts such as inconsistency in training, distractions, not understanding the command. Sometimes the situation can become uncontrollable that can put your pet as well as everyone in danger. So, hiring a professional dog trainer will surely help keep to solve the issue of a dog ignoring commands.

Apart from the lack of professional dog training, there can be other issues why a dog misbehaves or ignores your commands. It can probably be any health issue or other condition that may be withholding him from behaving normally. Therefore, it is essential to consult your vet once before proceeding further.

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