Adopting a dog is like bringing home an enthusiastic soul. Dogs are energetic and playful by nature as they possess amazing stamina and physical abilities. They jump, play, run, walk and sniff around energetically which directly or indirectly affects their joints. Though not all puppies and dogs get joint pain, they are prone to develop joint pain or arthritis as they age or before age if not taken proper care. Pet parents may feel that the food they provide is efficient to fulfil the nutritional needs of their pooch. But, it is crucial to know that just as we take supplements for our well-being, so can our pets. Therefore, let’s dig deeper into it.

Why Provide Joint Supplements to Dogs?

It is imperative for pet parents to have a basic understanding of why joint supplements play a vital role in maintaining their dog’s long-term and immediate joint health. This is because 1 out of 6 dogs suffer from joint problems due to genetics, injury, old age or disease such as Arthritis. These problems affect the dog’s well-being and lifestyle by causing mobility issues and pain. Well! At some point in your Fido’s life, he will require joint pain supplements, so why not to start now.

Which Is the Most Effective Joint Supplement for Dogs?

There is an abundance of information, products and stuffs out there in the market when it comes to dog’s joint health and mobility. It is a fact that dogs do produce all the essential joint building blocks such as Chondroitin, Hyaluronic acid and Glucosamine. However, they can be effective to keep up with the normal maintenance of healthy joints. But, it can be an entirely different scenario if your dog is already suffering from joint health issues. Not all but only a quality joint care supplement can provide the extra support for healthy joints as well as maintain and improve the mobility in pets.

Here are the two most efficient joint supplements that you can administer to your dog.

Bark Naturals Joint-Boost Supplement

Bark Natural Joint-Boost Supplement is a special formula for joint health in dogs. The formula is specially designed for elderly pets and pets with joint issues. The powerful powder supports better joints, tissue health and strengthens muscles as well as tendons. It not only lowers stiffness but also treats inflammation and pain due to joint issues, joint injuries or arthritis.

Joint Guard For Dogs

Joint Guard is a highly effective supplement which is used for the maintenance of joint health in dogs. The innovative formula treats joint problems due to arthritis or injury. Joint Guard is rich in nutrients necessary for the joint cartilage repair and maintenance. The formulation also helps in reducing pain associated with joint inflammation. Helps prevent osteoarthritis in dogs.

Joint supplements provide a cost-effective and easy way to counteract the pains and aches of old age that your Fido suffers. Therefore, by providing proper joint supplement dosage that is appropriate for your dog’s specific needs, you can protect your pup at an early stage on joint health regime.

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