2 Months of summer have already gone and February is the last month left for summer to get over. Summer is the best time for outdoor fun at the beach or some other places with your family and your pooch. As a dog parent, you need to keep in mind that summer is the time when you need to take extra care of your four-legged love. You have to make a little change in their daily routine.
Following are some essential things that you are required to incorporate in this hot weather to protect your dog.

•    Walking Schedule

Walking is the most loved activity for dogs and you cannot stop this activity just for the sake of protecting your dog from heat. Better you find the solution. You can walk your dog early morning when the temperature is quite low or during later hours of the day. You have to manage your schedule according to it.

•    Doggie Boots

When walking down the street or on the hot surface of park with your dog, you might not feel the hot surface that you are walking on but your dog can definitely feel it through its paws. Walking on a hot surface can scorch your dog’s paws. You can use doggie boots to protect your dog’s paws from heat. You can get the doggie boots from many online pet stores or any nearby pet stores.

•    Best Alternative

The best alternative of walking is bringing your dog to a swimming pool. It is the best alternative activity that you can do in the summertime. Go along with your pooch in the pool and play with him. You will experience a powerful bonding with your dog.

•    Let Him Find The Way

Many times we have come across a situation where dogs are seen digging the ground or any particular spot in the backyard. This action is not done by dog out of frustration. It is their way of finding the solution. For instance, to hide, give birth or keep cool! Let you give him a shady place in your backyard to dig.

•    Check Dehydration Signs

You already know that dogs can’t sweat. They have the sweat glands only in their paws. You need to understand their hints of dehydration. Excessive drool is seen in overheated dogs. An overheated dog becomes lethargic and less active. Its eyes may appear pale. When you lift its skin it takes longer than usual time to get into its original shape. All these are signs of an overheated dog.

•    It Is Necessary To Keep Your Dog hydrated

Dogs have their own way of battling the heat. A dark coat of a dog absorbs more heat than a lighter coat. Similarly, an overweight dog has high risk of dehydration. When going for a walk with your dog carry a water bottle and a handy bowl with you to provide water when required to keep your dog hydrated.

•    Protection from parasites

Just like the snake comes out of its burrow, summer is the time of fleas and ticks to come out and show their effect by making your dog their host and suck their blood. You need to consider this thing in your mind and take a sharp action to protect your dog from these nasty parasites otherwise it will create a serious damage to your dog’s skin and coat. There are some natural ways to get rid of fleas and ticks and some product are also available on the market. There is an online pet store named discountpetcare.com.au from where you can get the best flea and tick products and other pet products too.

Using the above tips you can keep your dog cool and calm during the summer time. If at any time you observe that your dog is showing some serious signs of overheat and you are unable to tackle it, take your dog to your vet immediately.

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