A critical situation can befall on you without a warning. You should always be prepared for any impromptu action that you’ll have to take to ensure the safety of you and your beloved family. Having a pet or adopting one, you must make yourself minded to do the needful during an accident or a calamity. An emergent situation won’t ever give a forewarning. Various situations will demand immediate vet attention. As a responsible pet parent, you must be aware of these situations.

Here is a list of noticeable issues, which requires immediate vet clinic visit and medical attention:

  1. Trauma: If you and your pet have recently been into an accident or he has fallen from a height and broken his limbs. In such cases, he might be experiencing trauma or traumatic situations. This makes it an utmost important emergency situation to be taken care by rushing to the vet.
  1. Seizures: A single seizure won’t make much of a difference but when the count increases it is crucial time to take instant actions and take your pet to a vet’s clinic. The causes of the seizures can be numerous like electrolyte imbalance, ingesting toxins, epilepsy etc. Providing proper treatment and complete medical attention is necessary.
  1. Collapse: Collapsing in the middle of doing a task is not normal at all. There may be various explainable reasons to such emergency health condition like internal bleeding, allergic reaction, heart condition, dehydration etc. The severity of the condition will be realised after the vet has done his checkup. Hurrying to the emergency room and calling your vet is crucial when such things take place. 
  1. Vomiting and Diarrhoea: Vomiting and diarrhoea occur occasionally when the pet has digestive issues and it can be treated without considering it as a serious cause. But if this starts to occur on a daily basis, then your pet requires immediate medical attention and vet visit. If blood is observed in the stool or vomits then it is a serious issue, which requires vet’s observation.
  1. Coughing: Coughing intermittently is fine as it might be due to some illness that must have infected your pet. This requires you to be careful, and provide proper preventives and take good care of your pet. But if the coughing or gagging starts to occur more frequently and regularly then you need to make an urgent visit to the vet.
  1. Difficulty Breathing: On noticing your dog, if he makes funny sounds or breathes in an irregular manner, you should rush to an emergency room or vet’s clinic whatever is nearby. Breathing is what keeps the living organisms alive and if the dog is facing issues with respiration then he needs vet’s immediate attention.

The above points are a serious issue that should NEVER be taken casually and carelessly. Your pet is also a part of your family. His unconditional love for you is unmatchable. For his protection and safety, always have an emergency care number and your vet’s number in your speed dial list. Take apt measures when emergency occurs and be gentle and careful. His life counts as well.

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