Well, if your furry pal keeps peeing inside the house, there might be a problem. Despite training him to pee outside or at a given spot, if he still has this ‘pee’ problem, pet parents need to take some actions. Usually, this issue can be resolved by re-training your dog. However, if your dog still doesn’t comply and pees inside the house, there might be some underlying health condition related to it. Below are the causes for this kind of behavior.

  • Urinary incontinence
  • Urinary tract issues
  • Behavioural issues
  • Aging

These are the main reasons for such changes in peeing habits of a dog. In case of urinary tract issue, a vet can recommend some home care technique which can benefit pet parents. Moreover, when it comes to urinary incontinence and behavioural problems, there are many products available for it. If your dog pees on the spot because he gets anxious very quickly, you can opt for Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser. This product will ease him into a comfortable state and prevent such accidents in the future.

In case of aging dogs, you can prevent such occurrence with the help of diet modification and supplements. So, consult the vet for the same to inculcate this lifestyle from early on.

We know you want to help your furry pal, so we have listed down some important points on how to stop your dog from urinating in the house.

  1. Increase pee and potty breaks – When the dog pees frequently, the best practice is to take him out for potty break right after he eats or drinks anything in large amount. This will send a signal that he is supposed to go out whenever he wants to do his business.
  2. Re-train the dog When there are no other health problems, all you need to do is train your dog again so that he gets the message loud and clear.
  3. Identify the triggers– There are chances that your dog is bothered by something that makes him pee inside the house. So, find out what is triggering your dog to pee on the spot and teach him how to be okay with it. If you can get rid of it, that could be very helpful to the dog. If not, just make your dog understand that it’s not a big deal.
  4. Don’t be aggressive – Well, dogs are precious creatures with so much love and empathy. So, you certainly don’t want to yell and scare off your furry baby. This can leave a bad impact on their mental health and can affect their behaviour as well.
  5. Clean up the surface – The key to stopping the recurrence of this incidence is to clean up properly. Dogs like to mark their territory so it’s possible that your doggo might be coming back to pee on the same place because he can detect the smell. Moreover, you can also use Urine Off, which is an excellent spray for getting rid of urine stain and odour.

By following these simple steps, you never have to worry about your dog’s pee problem again!