Dogs will be dogs only owing to all kinds of mischief they do. And, into all this, they get hurt sometimes, cutting or bruising themselves. There comes time when pet parents need to be proactive and try to help them in lowering their pain and treating their wounds.

Number of things required for completely treating and healing

  • Water based cleaning lubricant.
  • Electric clippers, scissors or razor.
  • Warm water
  • Clean towels
  • Antiseptic solution
  • Antimicrobial ointment

Steps to treat dog wound when there is a minor cut or scratch.

  • Take your dog on the counter in front of you or just kneel on the ground when treating a large dog.
  • First wash the wound with an antiseptic and water solution. Later apply water based cream to cover the wound and its surrounding area. This helps in removing any hair easily without being exposed to infections.
  • With the help of electric clippers or animal razor, gently remove the hair surrounding the wounded area.
  • Later on, again clean the wound with the help of a solution – a mixture of water and an antiseptic solution. Then slowly with the help of paper towel or clean cloth wipe away the hair and debris from the wound.
  • This helps in removing any debris or hair left.
  • Gently apply antimicrobial or dog antibacterial ointment or cream on the wound.
  • If required cover the area with medicated gauze dressing. This cuts back the infection rate and prevents inflammation and spread of infection. It also helps to boost the healing process.
  • When gauze is not required, after treatment prevent your dog from licking or grooming the treated area. Take your pet for a walk or take him in a lap until the ointment completely dries. For at least 10 minutes, you need to control your pet from touching the treated area.

Carry on this procedure for three to four times a day according to the severity of the wound. As the wound starts healing, you can lower the number of applying the ointment. Two to three times a day you need to clean the wound and apply the antiseptic cream until the skin is completely healed.

If you find that there is no recovery, or wound is deteriorating or fails to heal in a week, better consult a vet.

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