Anzac Day marks the landing of the troops from Australia and New Zealand at Gallipoli, Turkey in WW1 on April 25, 1915. The day is remembered to commemorate the heroes died on the forefront. Many parades and events are held on this occasion to show respect to the personnel died on the Gallipoli peninsula in World War 1. The day is indeed a proud moment for every Australian and many see this day for cherishing values and ideals such as love, loyalty, sacrifice, unity and the ideals, which our military personnel stood for and had laid down their lives in the past.

So how you as a pet parent would mark this day? The pet world too has contributed a lot to our nation’s security at the times of war.

Here is what you can do to pay reverence to our heroes.

A Family Prayer for the Martyred Soldiers and Animals 

The most dignified way to show respect to soldiers and personnel died in the battle is to observe few moments of silence and conduct a small family prayer for the revered souls. Do not forget to include your pet in the prayer as it’s all about family prayer!

Shower Extra Love on Your Warrior Pet

Your dog is also a warrior. He takes care of you and get possessive when someone tries to be over friendly with you. He is loyal and brave. Use this day to shower extra love on your pet for his adoring qualities.

Gift him some treats and spend some quality time together.

Witness A Parade Event With Your Furry Pet 

Parades are the highlight of the Anzac day. Therefore, do not miss that amazing experience and attend a parade with your little friend held in your area.

Let Anzac day 2018 bring you more close to your pet and make you a more responsible and loyal citizen of the country.

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