Australia is a beautiful country filled with a bunch of amazing beaches and rich culture. The Aussies always wear their hearts on their sleeves and each year on the 26th of January, the Australians celebrate Australia Day. Over these years, Australia Day has become a key part in the lives of every Australian and they take pride in celebrating this grand day. Moreover, speaking of celebrations, Australia Day can also be celebrated with your furry friends as well because well, just like the day, they are special too.

Making Australia Day Special For Your Pets

So how to make Australia Day a memorable one for your pets? Well, we’ve got answers for you, but for that, you will have to read on!

#1. Explore The Australian Beaches

When you talk about Australia, surely beaches come to mind and that is because the world’s best beaches are situated in this beautiful country. And when it comes to celebrating a special day like Australia Day with someone special, exploring beaches is arguably the best thing you could do. There are so many beaches in Australia, so just pick one that is near to you, drive there with your furry buddy, and have a gala time on Australia Day.

#2. BBQ’s And Walkies

Two things that pets love are food and walks and if you put them both together, then there’s nothing like it. And BBQ’s are literally the norm of every Australian culture, especially on special days like Australia Day. So why not get that BBQ out and when you’re full to the brim, take that leash out and go for a nice and memorable walk on a beautiful summer evening.

#3. Australia Day Sale

Special days are the purrfect day to do some shopping and when it comes to shopping for your pets, we surely would recommend you to check out DiscountPetCare Australia. Every year, there’s this amazing Australia Day Sale where you are entitled to amazing discounts on whatever supplies you purchases. Discounts literally galore, and you surely do not want to miss out on such cool offers. So hop over to DiscountPetCare Australia and check out the amazing offers.

#4. Remember To Stay Safe

Having fun on Australia Day with your furry friends is something very nice and special. But remember to stay safe at all times, especially with the coronavirus pandemic going around. So whenever you step outside, always wear your mask, keep that sanitizer ready, and maintain social distance.

We wish you a very happy Australia Day and do not forget to keep your pets safe and healthy!