Australia is a nation of pet lovers, we care and we love the company of pets–Dog or Cat. By offering unconditional love, affection, and friendship pets make our life much better. But it becomes tough when it comes to choosing between getting a cat or dog, isn’t it? It’s a great debate for all pet lovers for a long time. Hence, here we have some information to help you solve your dilemma of choosing a cat or dog.  Read on!

Home Space, Budget And Need Of Family

Before steering to the pound or animal shelter, think wise about the pet needs, your family, home space and budget.

If you have a low budget then cats can be a great option for you. They do not need much other than food and litter. While on long-term, vaccinations, vet care, pet insurance, etc can easily fit a normal pet budget. Certain breeds of cats may have some grooming expensive but it is often manageable as cats are generally very clean; grooming is just an obsession for them. Also, be sure to check with other people and pets at home, whether they will all get along or not.

Whereas cats can be left alone for a short time if you left them with sufficient food and water to have, but for dogs, you cannot leave them alone, they often require someone to look on them. It should not be taken lightly while making a decision to get a dog; they require daily walks or exercise, interaction, access to play outside. That is why including all other things, it is important to think about space before you get a pet.

Health and Allergies

Sharing life with a pet is a special experience. It provides a happy healthy life. But sometimes, it can cause allergic infections as well. You might be wondering, how? It is factual that humans can be allergic to some pets and animals, including dogs and cats. Pet allergies are different, ranging from mild to severe. It is commonly seen among people having other allergies or asthma. People with an over-sensitive immune system are at risk of having a pet allergy. So, before you bring any pet to your home, book an appointment for your pet allergy testing. Your doctor will diagnose by simply doing a blood or skin test and can tell you whether you are allergic to a cat, dog or any other species of animal or not.

Pet Personality

Think equally for all factors, when you think about getting a cat or dog, their personality matters too. Dogs are pack animals, craving attention and are fine together. That’s the reason they follow their two-legged companion–owner wherever they go. They are good at traveling or moving. Dogs just want to be near their pack.

Cats, on the other hand, are typically solitary animals, nocturnal hunters and independent. They may bond with a human if you get them when they are a kitten. Most of the cats only need a human-parent to fulfill their basic needs of food and shelter.

So, if you do often traveling and you have a healthy pet budget with no cat allergy, the cat may be the better option for you but on the flip, if you want a more active companion to be close to you, then you can consider getting a dog. To find out the best dog breed, again, consider your family’s needs and living.

Pet Expectations

It is possible that you may like larger dog breeds such as Labradors and Rottweilers but in reality, their care may not fit your way of living. Considering the lower budget, cat and smaller dog breeds may be inexpensive for you, but their personality may not be a good fit for yours.

It’s better to set reasonable expectations such as:

  • You need a hypoallergenic (non-allergic to humans) pet or not
  • Your pet care budget for short and long term
  • Breed size or personality according to your lifestyle
  • Your willingness to care for your pet even if they don’t  meet your expectation

Finding the best pet is an exciting prospect but to be a good pet parent isn’t all games and fun. It is a long-term commitment that ends up being quite large responsibility. Once you have made a decision considering factors of time, space, budget, and allergies, you can start a lifetime of love by adopting your new furry friend.

Note: It’s an earnest request you to please never buy a dog or cat and support the animal business. Adopt one from a pound or an animal shelter and give a chance to being loved to those impounded animals. To know more about Pet Adaption Click here...