Ever since the first Sunday of September has been announced as the Labour Day, it has been symbolized as the last wave off to the summers of the ongoing year. People get a long weekend to relax, attend parades, party hard and go on a vacation with their families. Many pet lovers and owners indulge in shopping and chilling out with their adorable furry buddy, making the most out of this much-needed break. So, if you are also planning to spend this Labour Day with your Fido, here are some incredible ideas which can help your vacation to be the best one with your furry pal.

Top 5 Ways To Celebrate Labour Day With Your Dog

Go For A Picnic

Haven’t been out in days besides work? It’s time you should chill with your dog in some nice park and play with him, eat your favorite pie while he is busy eating his kibbles. Bask in the final warmth of the season and spend some time cuddling around with your Fido. But, make sure you do not take him too far into the woods as he may catch fleas and ticks. Keep him on the leash and collar all the time.

Go Swimming

If you have a pool at your home, it is awaiting your dive! However, don’t frown if you miss one. You can certainly go to the community pools of your area or to your friend’s place that has a pool in his backyard. It will be more fun if you have the company of other people and their dogs to swim with you and your Fido. He will get his company and you enjoy yours. Isn’t that cool?! Community pools also organize many events on special days of the years so, if you want, you can definitely attend them.

Indulge In Some Retail Therapy Online
Online shopping is the best way to relax at home and order your favorite pair of jeans and a shirt. You can also buy some treats and chews for your furry buddy as well. Online stores like Discountpetcare.com.au have great stuff for dogs. You can purchase health supplements after completely going through their health benefits or stock the preventatives you give to your dog if you don’t get time otherwise.

Prepare A Special Meal For Your Dog

When you are busy partying and enjoying the dinner with your friends, your Fido must also have some nice and healthy food to munch on. You can buy veggies and fruits or cook a chicken broth for his special treat. There are a lot many choices you can opt from to completely go healthy for your munchkin.

Travel with Your Dog

You can go camping or out of town to enjoy the waters of the beaches. Take your dog along, and sip the fruits together with the cool summer glasses on. Don’t forget the sunscreen though. You can purchase sunscreen for your dog as well if you have already planned your vacay destination. If at all you are heading to camp together in the wilds, make sure your pet is protected from fleas and ticks. Traveling is definitely refreshing, but staying protected is wiser. So, do go out but make sure your Fido doesn’t come back with a disease!

Proper planning and itinerary will help you enjoy your long weekend in a much better way than you would have thought. So, do it in advance and involve your pet to make it the best summer weekend of the year. Dogs increase the fun factor and encourage us to stay lively even when we are tired or under the weather. Isn’t it a good enough reason to take them along?!

Labour Day is just around the corner. So, rejuvenate, relish and dance in the sun until the chilly winters phase in to ring the Christmas bell. Happy Labour’s Day!!

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