With Easter fast approaching, most pet parents may be looking to arrange a huge party at home or buy some gifts for their furry pals, or plan Easter egg hunting picnic. For most of us Easter connects to family gatherings, big luncheons and a long weekend trip. On the other side of the basket, for our furry friends, Easter means their safety as they are more exposed to toxins and hazards.

Just check in the few Easter safety tips for helping your furry friend to enjoy more.

Wrap Up The Chocolate

Chocolate is a great temptation not only for us but also for our four-legged companions. Unfortunately, they are not safe though they are delicious and mouthwatering. Even a smaller piece of a chocolate is good enough to put your pet into emergency due to health issues. Avoid that appealing temptation by putting it away from sight and out of reach of your dog.

If you have a plan out with your guests for a picnic, ensure that all of them are aware that your dog shouldn’t have any access to any of the sweets. Whether it is aerated or caffeinated drinks, sweets, lollipops, cakes, dried fruits or alcohol, all these are dangerous for your dog. So, take care that you clean up the spills that occur before your dog laps to lick them.

Sumptuous Luncheon Party

We always love when our dogs join us for lunch. Lest it be family gathering, picnic lunch or a lunch party at home on special occasions, it is not always good for your dog. Although, you always watch out for dangerous food, you need to be careful about excess food indulgence of your pet. Make all well aware of not feeding your dog under the table or throw scrap bits or bones. As it may cause choking or other health issues due to over feeding.

To avoid this situation, you can give a chewy treat to your dog to engage him for a long time until the lunch is over.

Harmful Toys

Easter means gifts. Guests may bring in gifts for your furry pal. Ensure that no small gift go directly to your pooch, and especially if they are wrapped up. Many plastic eggs are small enough for your dog to swallow it or break apart into smaller pieces. Moreover, ensure that any decorations around the house should not be hanging low for your pooch to dangle on it or pull it and play with it. Unfortunately, these can cause choking hazards.

A Weekend Trip

If you have planned to go out for an Easter weekend; have you made arrangements for your Fido. Are you going to hire a pet sitter, or keep him in a pet hostel, or leave him in the kennel, what arrangements have you made for your furry pal? If you are going to take your fur pal along with you, then you need to make some special arrangements for him like taking water, dog food and some flea spray. Moreover, if your pet has travel anxiety, then you need to treat him with Adaptil spray or get Dog Adaptil collar for smooth traveling experience.

Following these tips, you can ensure the safety of your pet. Festivals should always have a care factor for your furry pal such that you can enjoy it with pet. In lack of this awareness, and missing some of the essential things can put your furry friend in grave danger. So, with lots of safety tips, have a safe and HAPPY Easter with your pets.

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